The Mad Doctor is: IN

Time to take a look at Mad Doctor Shawn Tittle of Houston Methodist Hospital in Baytown.  The mentally defective mad caregiver who abandoned his first daughter and trafficks his other two children along with the aid of his third wife, Dr. Laura Choi.

The court appointed guardian ad litem for Wyatt and Gabby Tittle is the notorious kid snatcher Attorney Mary Brigham of Woodbury, Connecticut.  Same old cast of pedo puppets has led to a five year isolation of children from mother.  Cash payments to lawyers, judges and pedo overlords.  Judge Cutsumpas, Murphy and Munro are the primary traffickers.  Cash funneled through the law firm of Attorney Rosemary Giuliano to the Waterbury pedo ring of state employees.  Even Christopher Haddad, the miscreant cult leader of family services is involved.

But the mad doctor has revealed his altered sense of reality in registration of Wyatt and Gabby at Lamar High School.  The defective narcissistic mind, existing in an altered reality brought on by substance abuse and organic abnormalities, represents to the school that Dr. Laura Choi, of brown skin and slant eyes is the MOTHER of these two adorable white round eyed kids.

Read that right.  Demented Dr. Shawn Tittle tells principal James A. McSwain in official registration papers that Laura Choi is the mother of Wyatt and Gabby.  A lying, stinking, low life, clown of a  human, Dr. Shawn Tittle lies to the school by concealing the identity of the children’s real mother.  A FERPA violation, fraud, misrepresentation and lying by the mad doctor.  Mad doctor conceals his child isolation game, child trafficking and child abuse actions for his personal pleasure.  Torturing his own kids is his new medical protocol.

Perhaps the community should take note that a madman is walking among us.  Lying to public officials to feed  his mental defect.  Using children for personal gain.  Committing child abuse.  The clown is so delusional that he has replaced the mother of this two children in his own mind and wants you to believe him.

Be scared.  Be very scared, the judges of Connecticut protect Dr. Shawn Tittle and enable his child traffkicking games which has kept Gabby and Wyatt isolated from their real mother and other sisters for over five years.