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Steve Dembo

Thought family court was a civilized venue in equity to resolve marital breakdown?  Guess again.  It is a den of thieves.  A cesspool of corruption and it is controlled by the mastery and powers of the jews.  Let’s examine the devil jew himself, Attorney Steve Dembo.  A worthless excuse of a human, little intellect, thirst for ill gotten money and a demented sociopath of such magnitude as to be proud of his Talmud beliefs that gentile citizens are mere four leggeds animals whose savings accounts are his to plunder….with jewdicial blessing.

The jew Dembo is a family court inside player.  He shows up on all the family court committees, workshops and commissions with the likes of Munro, Wetstone, Solomon, Drainginis and the Dark Lord Adelman himself.  Dembo has one goal; maximize conflict, drag out litigation and drain every dollar possible out of the unsuspecting families, with jewdicial encouragement from atop the bench.

One of Dembo’s great skills is bribing the West Hartford Police Department to do his dirty work.  An unfavored litigant mother in a Dembo case was awoken late one night by two West Hartford Police thugs, hired by Dembo.  The cover story was these two storm troopers were in a car chase of a drunk driver into mom’s neighborhood and the cops reason the drunk must be hiding under mom’s bed.   No warrant, no probable cause, these two terrorists bullied their way into the house, caused great disruption and arrested mom as paid for by Attorney Steve Dembo.  Felony charges, premium thug service!  Police are the gestapo, judges are terrorists and jews like Steve Dembo are the foot soldiers.  Jews like Judge Solomon are the criminal masters.

Let’s connect the dots, as two lowly patrol officers were just following orders.  First ugly jew dot is Dembo.  Second is the Chief of Police of West Hartford, Tracey C. Groves.  This is West Hartford so these dots are all white.  Even the notorious GAL Attorney Rhonda Morra is a connected dot.  The crooked jewdicial eyes of Bozzuto, Carbonneau, Olear and trafficking expert Ficeto are all involved.  Eight years of litigation, continues the plundering of this family for the benefit of scum lawyers.

Of course a false arrest in the middle of the night by police officers violating the Constitution is of little concern in Gestapoville, but it takes a crooked prosecutor to make the charges stick, along with a crooked criminal court judge who is in on the racket.  No problem, our pedo protector Kevin Kane has the constitutionally infirm ace of spades Gail Hardy to pursue false charges at the behest of white man pedo ring.  No black lady is going to object to white police cracking the rights of a white mom as ordered by the jew Dembo.  She knows who runs the place.  Judge Solomon approves.

Just another example of a mother, caught up in the cesspool of the Connecticut Jewish Family Court gets a gestapo raid, arrested for complaining about an illegal entry and search, charged with a felony, only witnesses to the crime are the arresting officers, pursued by State’s Attorney Kevin Kane and his band of merry thugs; all while jew Dembo laughs his way to the bank.  Chief Grove collects his fee for service and laughs it up at the next Chief’s Association dinner with the rest of the pedo muscle that protects the traffickers.

That folks is pure Connecticut Jewdicial Fuckery in action.  Wait until the gestapo knocks at your door.