Anti-Semitic Comfort

Here we go again. Kevin Rennie, the jewtard shill of South Windsor, exclaims that anti-semitism is a plague on the nation and the world. Newsflash: jews are a plague on the world and have been for over two thousand years. As Voltaire stated: Jews will be the downfall of humanity.

Kevin recently went off in the Hartford Courant opining that everything he dislikes is ‘anti-semitic’. Read his silly prose here. He rants that the world is evil and it is bad that 600 non-kosher rockets landed in the chosen jewish state and that a synagogue got shot up in Pittsburgh, that college kids are not buying the ‘chosen state’ game, that jews in Europe must fear the future. Oi vey!! Kevin has lost it! Like the jews are little saints who do no wrong? A rant that he does not like William Tong who gives ‘comfort’ to anti-semites. Actually nobody likes William Tong, he is a just a nasty dirty evil inside player of the democrat’s political machine of Corrupticut. But what does that have to do with the fact that nobody has anything nice to say about jews and their zionistic games? Oh, right, wait, it is about Jane Emons again. Kevin can’t let that go. A simple cleansing of the bench by the sovereign powers of the state is morphed into anti-semitic jihad. Oh, give it up Kevin. Emons was a terrible judge, did not matter what religion she pretended to follow. She was fired for cause of being a tyrant. The fact that many lousy judges of family court are jewish or that King Jew Solomon runs the racket is just coincidence…right? Family Court is designed by jews, operated by jews, profits jews, all at the expense of non-jewish children and their parents. No-fault divorce is a jewish invention, designed to undermine family units of Christian societies.

Kevin says a ‘virus’ of anti-semitism was unleashed. Oi vey, that virus has been around for a long time. Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzer had the same virus in 587 BC when he sacked Jerusalem, tore down Solomon’s Temple and razed the city to the ground. Emperor Titus and his neighbors ‘unleashed’ it again in 70 AD with another sack of Jerusalem. The Romans were so happy with the destruction that he built a sports stadium in downtown Rome with the spoils. But Kevin claims a ‘dark stain’ upon Corrupticut caused by Tong in allowing the the entire House to punt voting on the reappointment of Emons. Her fate was decided long before the confirmation hearing. No one in the House moved for a vote on Emons, not one representative, not even the clown Tom Delnicki from South Windsor where Kevin lives. But Kevin singularly blames Tong for handing ‘victory to the jackals’!!….hilarious!!!! Beware the anti-semitic jackals!!! Might as well blame Tong for global warming, the opioid epidemic and the state budget deficit.

Kevin is so delusional that he can predict what would have happened if there was a House vote on Emons….but he can’t come up with the winning lottery numbers…a true tragedy. But he can blame Tong for the downfall of the jew from the bench…brilliant. Now Tong is officially ‘anti-semitic’!!! There is a clinical term for Kevin’s mental disorder; treatment is available by chemical sedation. In conclusion, Kevin’s rant claims that Tong is not the ‘hallmark’ of a guardian of civil rights. A term picked out of a bowl of Orwellian word salad. The guardian of civil rights is ‘We the people’….the same people who protected the integrity of the courts by kicking Jane Emons off the bench.

Kevin is in grave need of professional help. His delusional and paranoid claims are a cry for assistance, need for medication, demonstration of failing intellect and declining mental functioning. Someone needs to change his drool cup more often. Jane is gone and Connecticut is better for it, get over it!!!

Kevin Rennie Jewish propagandist, nutcase.
Anti-Semitic Tong…everyone hates him!!