Fuckery Dismissed!

The professional mother fuckers of the Connecticut State’s Attorney Office, a.k.a. jewish flying monkeys, have ended their fuckery of Matthew Couloute’s baby momma.  By wink and a nod of fellow bro Judge Omar Williams, the jewdicial authority ruled that momma had been fucked with enough, as there was little left in the fuck barrel to throw at her.

See how the jews and the blacks operate?  Black boy and former prosecutor, resident of Georgia needs to fuck up his second baby momma, so Police Chief Paul Hammick of Bloomfield gets K9 puppy cop Brendan Danaher to commit police perjury to apply for arrest warrant from black sister prosecutor Gail Hardy, which is issued by black bro and former prosecutor, the deviant Judge Omar Williams.  Queer boy Governor Malloy authorizes the extradition across state lines and the felony witch hunt was underway in January.

Drag innocent mother back to pedo play pen in an effort to recover the absent sex toy, make mom appear six times before pedo judges Bruno, Dewey, Baldini, Budzik and Williams; then, eight months later, when the the pedo game is getting too much attention, dismiss the charges.  What wonderful fuckery on behalf of the people of Connecticut in upholding the rule of pedo players!  State and federal money used in a failed attempt to traffick a five year old little girl.  No wonder she is currently in protective foster care of New York State Child Protective Services.

The gig is up.  Not even pedo foot soldier Carl Ajello could think of a way to keep up the charade.  Omar had to ignore Couloute’s pleading to prosecute the baby momma.  Pretending to be a VICTIM, drama queen and certifiable nut job Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr. Esq. does pen a quite unbelievable pleading to the court.  What better way to show a father’s love by beating the mother, breaking a few bones, sexually abusing the kid; then accusing mom of mental illness while trying to prosecute her for the crime of being a mother.  Those former prosecutors are so caring.

Scary to realize that the Connecticut Criminal Justice System from a pooper scooper cop to a judge is nothing more than a child sex trafficking operation.  As Couloute notes in his letter, niggers and pedophiles.