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Greaseball Angelo Farenga

Time to connect the dots on the Connecticut Family Court supervised visitation racketeering scam.  Taking kids away from mothers makes money for lawyers and judges, but making mom pay to see her own kids generates money for the true greaseballs of society.  Let’s examine grease man Angelo Farenga, federally funded child trafficking operator of Litchfield Visitation Services.  Don’t look for a website, too greasy to have one.  27 Siemon Company Drive, Suite 310W, Watertown, CT, 860 417 2023.

Grease monkey Angelo Farenga is the sole proprietor of a nefarious service company whose only clients are sent from a pedo judge of family court.  He is trusted to keep his mouth shut and provides the necessary kickbacks to Cortez White of CSSD purchasing department.  Angelo is an insider to the family court scam.  Having no legal training, he went through Judge Munro’s GAL training program back in 2012.  A way to sell his pay per view scam services by joining the GAL club.  Needless to say he has never been appointed as a GAL as he has no standing to charge $350/hr and he is too greasy.

But look at the connections Anglo-grease has!!!  He was a provider of the unknown ‘re-unification’ snake oil sold by AFCC’s Jessica Pearson of Colorado, through her pushers in Connecticut Department of Children and Families.  Grease dick claims he provides therapy and is a therapist but holds a monkey’s LPC license where he answered 70 questions correctly on a multiple choice test administered by authorities of the pedo ring.  He has past connections to the child traffickers of the Wheeler Clinic.  He has sucked up state and federal money in providing no measurable treatment or service to children for 21 years.  He supervised ‘clinical’ staff, a.k.a. more pedophiles.  He teaches parenting skills, he repairs damaged relationships and he improves family interactions.  He is a Connecticut licensed con-artist of the most greasy kind.

So what does he do at LVS?  He provides written ‘clinical’ observations in the process of re-establishing parental contact.  He has even been called an ‘expert witness’ on numerous occasions.  But don’t ask him to list the numerous occasions.  Expertise in trafficking children is rather criminal.

So why is this expert refusing to provide services under his state contract #3611-03 for Evey and Sophia Grohs, two little girls who are in desperate need of greaseball’s expertise?  Discrimination?  Violation of contract terms?  Conspiracy to defraud by direction of Christopher Haddad?  Conspiracy to traffick children with Attorney Mary Brigham?

Look at the friends of greaseball.  References for the state contract are Rick Richardson, side kick lawyer of Rosemary Giuliano.  Remember Giuliano was attorney for William Grohs, the father of the two girls.  Rick also represented William in the first round of post judgment mother abuse, then Rosemary Giulino had to fire money bags client William for lying.  Game gets greasier.

Then there is the jewish influence from Zionist destructor of christian families Justine Rakich-Kelly of the jewish funded Children’s Law Center of Connecticut.  A jew providing reference for the greaseball….amazing, conspirators ignore differences when it comes to trafficking children and making a buck off a federal grant.

Examining Greaseball’s ‘sole proprietorship’ structure, there is an ‘Advisory Council’ made up of family court players.  There is Attorney Nancy Strini of the Connecticut Children’s Law Center.  (Wonder why Justine provided the contract reference for Greaseball?)  Two pedo psychologists Dr. Molly Hinchman and Dr. Richard Raskin.  Then there is the infamous Kathy Service.  The Jamaican miscreant who is mentally retarded, can’t write a sentence in English to save her life, can’t hold an intelligent conversation, failed the multiple choice exam seven times, but is an expert on your kid, in the employ of the jews at Klingberg Family Center.  The inbreeding and back scratching is comical; idiots and pedophiles taking federal money to traffick children.  Then the contract is awarded by pedo protector Deborah Fuller of CSSD under the watchful eyes of Steve Grant, Martin Libbin and of course, the Zionist overlord himself, Judge Elliot N. Solomon.

For all this greaseball bills $85/hr to have Cynthia Eastman, another jew, holding no state license, but is an emeritus member of the Anti-Defamation League.  She will oversee the pay per view scam of the jewish AFCC extension known as the Supervised Visitation Network, which Judge Solomon relies upon for program standards.  Why obtain program standards approved by the legislature or the executive branch of government, when the jews have already decided it?

Note that the State Department of Public Health of the Executive Branch has previously examined the judicial department’s claims of therapy as described in the program brochure and has found  it not to be therapy, not to have a protocol, not of therapeutic value and not a proper licensed activity involving professionals.  DPH ruled it quackery.  That is why it is provided by greaseballs like Angelo and retarded Jamaicans like Kathy Serivce.

So ask yourself why Evey and Sophia Grohs can’t see their mom at Litchfield Visitation Services for $85/hr under a State contract using federal funds?  Because that is what the jews want.  That is how the pedo’s work.  What about the $350/hr GAL Mary Brigham, standing by ignoring the failure of greaseball vendor’s contractual non-compliance….she is working for the pedo jews as well….all what Judge Ficeto was paid to do and what Judge Elliott Solomon teaches by the Talmud under his robe.

As a public service to Watertown parents, this is all going on in your Town under the watchful eye of Watertown’s own Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto who lives on 415 Winding Brook Farm Road Watertown, Ct 06795.  She runs Family Court and trafficks kids in your town for money along with Angelo and Cynthia.  Stop by and ask her why.  The Grohs girls are being held prisoner at 227 Woodbury Road and attend Judson Elementary.

Be scared, very scared.  Pedos run the state and Watertown….if  you have not noticed.