General Lee’s Horse

The jews are at it again!!!  Creating hate, discontent, civil unrest in the host country.  The jewish front organization and domestic terrorism headquarters Southern Poverty Law Center has deployed its propaganda forces against horses of the Civil War.  The anti-equestrian league, funded by Zionists, have identified bronze art forms of war horses who bravely and gallantly carried their humans into battle at full gallop.

Let’s examine the subversive jewish efforts to erase these loyal steeds and mares from American history.  The first point to obscure is that the slave trade was quite profitable for its jewish financiers.  The jewish bankers of Europe provided the unsecured loans for the infrastructure required to establish the trade.  Upfront loans for ships to move the human cargo.  Money for warehouses in the African zone to collect and store the cargo before shipment.  Straight up cash to purchase bodies from any tribal leader willing to sell his countryman.  All would have been a pathetic barter system if not for the financial skills of jewish bankers.

On the consumer side of the trade, the bankers created the plantation.  Abundant, fertile land becomes profitable with cheap labor, which requires bank financing.  The jewish bankers and brokers centered in Philadelphia ensured financing for the purchase of slaves to create the cotton and tobacco factory which was the production pay off for the slave trade.  A system financed by jewish banks created a valuable raw material which had high profit margins when sold in European markets.

The threat of the end of slavery in the United States in 1861 terrified the bankers.  If the slaves were freed, the unsecured loans would be bank losses.  Europe would lose its cheap factory supply system.  An independent Confederate States of America would limit the financial losses and maintain the cotton and tobacco supplies to European markets at suitable margins to keep the profits flowing.  End of the slave trade was not a jewish best interest.

The jews arranged for England and France to recognize the Confederate States of America as banks in London and Paris held a majority of the debt that would not be repaid by President Lincoln.  However, Russian Emperor Alexander II, an orthodox christian, forbade such recognition of the Confederacy with a simple threat of war.  European purchases of cotton and tobacco were forbidden by the Tsar.  Russian Imperial warships were sent to New York and San Francisco in support of Lincoln. The jewish plan was thwarted by the christians.  Needless to say, Lincoln was knocked off in 1865 and Tsar Alexander II, ‘The Liberator’ was assassinated in 1881.  Jewish paybacks are a bitch.

So why do the jews want to take down statues of horses who carried the generals of the jewish capital protection plan into battle against christian forces of the north?  Twist the controversy to be racist in nature?  Money knows not racism.  Black, white, red, yellow does not matter to jewish bankers.  Even white on white wars of the Napoleon era were profitable to the bankers.  What better way to erase the jewish slave trade then by pitting blacks against whites in the battle over a statue of a loyal horse who braved the battlefield to protect the jewish investment of human capital in the production of raw materials for mercantile Europe?

Someone might tell the gentiles of Charlottesville that their jew mayor Michael Signer and his Zionist pals are playing them.

Traveller, you are a good horse!