What are the driving elements that have made the Connecticut Family Court so un-American?  How is it that a State under self rule of a free people have allowed such a monstrous entity to fester into this cancerous cesspool of human indecency?

All systems are created by design, so who are the architects of such unholy evil?  Who are the conspirators who undermined American christian values and rule of law in application of the underpinning jewdicial discretion that wreaks havoc upon the children and their parents?  Who conferred the unchecked weapon of discretion upon the miscreants in black robes to destroy lives by whim?

Time to name names and call out the terrorists who salivate over familial destruction and theft of college savings and retirement funds, under the color of law.  Let’s start with Lynda Batter Munro, who failed to make the grade to Stamford, J.D.; cast off as judge trash to family court.  Her spiteful, deviant mind coupled with psychotic personality disorders unleashed vindictive retribution on citizens in the Family Division.  Her oath was to her fellow Bar friends, not to the people.  She jacked up the GAL scam to unprecedented levels of corruption.  Her first move was to eliminate the court standing order requiring contract of services between the parents and the appointed lawyer; removing billing limits, previously set at twenty hours.  She granted GALs a license to steal, which required a gratuity in return.  She controlled which lawyers got the ‘whales’ and which lawyers were excluded.  She sought to divide the state up into four GAL districts under the guise of GAL Academy to control the revenue streams.  No legal necessity, no historical precedent and nothing to do with best interest of the child; just financial interest of attorney wallets.  She even used state funds to present her racketeering operation at an AFCC conference.

Was nobody watching or were the Supreme Court Justices paid partners in crime?  Given that the state supreme judges Borden, Norcott, Katz, Palmer and Vertefeuille conferred absolute immunity on the thieving GALs.  It is likely that all the judges were in on the architecture.  As well, all the lawyers knew Munro’s game; play it or starve.  The chain of head Family Court judges tells its own story; the notorious Annie Dranginis, then the suspicious Herbert Gruendel, then the evil Lynda Munro and now the deviant Elizabeth Bozzuto.    All bottom of the barrel judges with a private agenda of raping families for the benefit of the Bar Association and their own pockets.

An overlooked shadow figure in the mix is Elliot N. Solomon, who exclaims that he has ‘trained’ all the family judges.  A curious boast by the chosen one, as his training materials are not available for public scrutiny by the sovereign people nor their elected representatives.  Note that Rep. Willie Tong and Sen. Paul Doyle of the judiciary committee have the people’s power to subpoena this material, but they are lawyers and will be castrated by the judges if they try to make it public.

The blueprint for the family court is in the secretive ‘bench book’.  Only the family court judges, sworn to unholy secrecy, can view this document.  No public scrutiny allowed.  The Star Chamber has its secrets.  The book even has a Library of Congress catalog number but you won’t find a copy on the shelf.  When the public gets a copy of this Talmud inspired text, all will be known.  The authors are the architects; their agenda will be revealed.  Un-constitutional, un-American and certainly non-christian.  A book so sacred as to effectively not exist in the civilized society known as Corrupitcut.

Other core players of the evil court are presently Gerard I. Adelman, Maureen Murphy, Elizabeth Bozzuto.  The likes of Holly Wetstone and Leslie I. Olear were victims of their own demise; banished to juvey for bringing too much attention to the corrupt system.  But there is still a dark hand behind the family court that controls every sitting judge.  A powerful, evil force that no judge can oppose and no sovereign people can expose.

There is a vengeance upon the people and their children;  challenge it and you will be attacked, if not completely destroyed.