Couloute The Whiner

The guy who needs to break mother’s bones to prove his manliness, Matthew Condel Couloute is now taking on the First Amendment.  Couloute holds law licenses in NY and CT, pretends he knows the law and generally runs around screaming about legal matters for which he is clueless.  Rather than be a good daddy, pay child support, follow court orders, act like a grown up, Couloute runs around screaming his head off about the fact he is his own comedy show on a public stage.

His latest fixation is a blog that writes about his courtroom antics and his bizarre behavior which is played out on the taxpayer’s dime.  Child abuse is of great public interest for which society has cause to scrutinize and discuss.  It is not a privacy issue, it is a matter of public policy and rule of law.  Vexatious litigation carried out in a public forum is a spectator sport.

Bully Boy Couloute needs to understand that beating up the mother of his child is a public matter.  Child Safety is a public concern when Bully Boy is playing funny games with a child; when the state sees your child as a victim of sexual abuse and child trafficking, the public has cause to observe.  Hate Speech is free speech; Americans are free to hate child molesters.  Crude Content is free speech; prior restraint does not apply.  Violence is an act, not words.  Nice try butt brain!!!  Like to see a violent bulletin board.  Harassment is a whiner’s way of denying the First Amendment; people are free to discuss a court case and the surrounding antics of the players.  Copyright allows for permitted use of pictures in the public domain is protected use under DMCA.  Personal and Confidential Information is like nothing on the internet or in a court file.  The allegation that somehow the public life of Matthew Couloute is a secret is just silly.

Read the rantings of a mad man, the twisted delusion of reality that Couloute thinks he is so special that his public legal battles are somehow secret and that the public is not allowed to observe or criticize his courtroom antics.  He must be special, he must be protected, he must be above the law…..or he is just an asshole.

Be scared my friends, be very scared, monster on the loose.