Joette Katz: Off Balance

Time for an intellectual and professional ‘fuck you’ to the off-balance nut job Joette Katz, retired associate justice of the wacked out court system of Connecticut. Let’s examine the nutty opinion piece penned by the nutty judge, published in the Law Tribune on 9 April.  We note the silly word salad title claiming that something Read more about Joette Katz: Off Balance[…]

The Jew’s Game

Here is an interesting article about the game of destroying the Grazzini-Rucki family by the devil himself Judge David L. Knutson of the miserable state of Minnesota.  Those who do not understand the jewish operation of family court will be led to believe that there is an issue of power and corruption.  To the enlightened Read more about The Jew’s Game[…]


 When reading this article please remind yourself the majority of those unfortunate enough to attend Family Courts have done nothing wrong, are involved in NO CRIME and are not suspected of any CRIME or wrong doing. They are only attempting to separate and divorce that is a legal act. What happens after they pass thru Read more about Jewdiciary[…]