Deviant Jews

Gay Skidmarks

The jews are mad! The queer puppets of society are not woke enough to realize that their deviant sexual behavior and demand for ‘rights’ is nothing more than a jew sponsored propaganda tool to annoy the goy. Their constant effort to teach pre-pubescent children about the joys of sodomy or handling of double ended dildos unwittingly promotes the jewish agenda for the four-legged goy and… Read More »Gay Skidmarks

Gay Pride?

What is it with fags? Why do they need to rub their gayness in society’s face? What is their constant need to recruit new members to their twisted community? Do they have a clue that no one gives a shit about their deviant pleasures, nor that no one really cares they are gay? What is with the constant demand for attention? Can’t they just be… Read More »Gay Pride?

Creature of the State

Need legal proof that jews run the family court to the beat of the Talmud drum? That the rulers of family court are so chosen that SCOTUS does not apply? Ready to stop believing the lie that a paedophile in a black robe knows what is best for a child? Ready to wake up? Got ammo? Twenty years ago, the highest court in the land… Read More »Creature of the State

Critical Race Theory

The jews play more parasitic tricks on a host society.

Butcher Mary Brown

Self-mutilation is a sure sign of a sick mind. An order by Dallas Judge Mary Brown to butcher a child is a sure sign of a sick society. The court power over children derives from the state’s duty to protect the infirm and infants. Labeled parens patriae, the protective state duty is exercised solely through the courts, meaning that the judges presiding over cases involving… Read More »Butcher Mary Brown