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Butcher Mary Brown

Self-mutilation is a sure sign of a sick mind. An order by Dallas Judge Mary Brown to butcher a child is a sure sign of a sick society. The court power over children derives from the state’s duty to protect the infirm and infants. Labeled parens patriae, the protective state duty is exercised solely through the courts, meaning that the judges presiding over cases involving children hold duty to protect them. The juris prudence of the Texas court system now defines protection, as the necessity to chop off an eight year old penis, injecting the body with hormones to grow breasts and eliminate facial hair, while carving a gash in his crotch in support of sexual deviancy. All done in the name of ‘best interests of the child’ over the objection of a rational father. The jewish agenda of creating chaos in a Christian society is wielded in open court just to fuck with the goy; especially their children.

The drive to chop off James’ little dick comes from his mother, but not his real mother; the egg was donated, then fertilized by dad. Talk about whacko lady, she wants to butcher someone else’s kid! If mom cut off her own thumb she would be committed to the psycho ward, medicated, deemed an unfit parent, and isolated from society. But, if mom wants to cut off a stranger’s penis and balls, well that is just fine by the jews. After all, mom is Dr. Anne Georgulas a board certified, state licensed pediatrician who can diagnose your kid as needing gentile butchering. Mom is a slick salesman of medical snake oil. Here is her sworn testimony:

“Specifically, James is a gender expansive or transgender child and, by choice, now goes by the name Luna and is only known by her classmates as a girl…In response to Luna’s choices, the Father has engaged in increasingly aggressive behavior, including physical force, toward the Mother. His actions are clearly intended to threaten and intimidate the Mother. Further, the Father has engaged in emotionally abusive behavior toward the child (as example only, hair cutting and other non-affirming actions.) Although unclear if this behavior rises to the level of family violence at this time, the Father’s aggression is becoming more common and more intense.”

The Orwellian double speak is of amazing jewish construction. Deviant Mother alludes to a medical/psychological condition being a ‘choice’ of a eight year old, uses no references, adds support that the boy uses a girl’s name, that other little kids in school recognize the him as a girl, because of free choice by an 8 year old, then blames father for all that is bad about being born a boy. So jewish, so twisted, but so accepted by the judge…anything to snip a dick and create a sub-human race of ‘its’ in the name of jewish gender fluidity. The fact that Judge Brown ordered the father to pay for all this ‘treatment’ of his perfectly normal son, betrays the jewish game afoot. Dad opposes chopping off his son’s dick, so the jew forces him to pay for the chopping, as a ‘fuck you’, straight from the Talmud.

Note that ‘Doctor Mom’ is such an awesome pediatrician that she diagnosed her son with gender dysphoria when the tyke was just three years old. Amazing! Mom gained this expertise in differential medicine from University of Texas Health Science Center at Austin followed by a pediatric residency at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. In her current practice, no other doctors associate with her. A ‘lone’ practitioner for a reason! But she does teach her brand of witchcraft as an associate professor of child mutilation at the Medical Center, under the direction of top deviant executive Chris J. Durovich, CEO of the butcher shop. Note Deviant Durovich is not a doctor, just a pot head who studied skiing and marijuana at University of Vermont with an MBA, specializing in butcher management.

The jewish deviant agenda works through the courts with support the judge labels ‘evidence’ to veil the deviancy by aspect of law. In reality, it is just fraud by the court on the law itself. Judge Brown, a psycho deviant child molester herself, cites evidence from three jewish psychologists who have magic powers to identify a girl trapped in a boy’s body, who medically prescribe transition therapy in the form of butchery and hormone poisoning. People thought that Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele may have been nasty, but he never chopped off a child’s dick to install a gash. The Nazi’s hunted jewish deviancy and exterminated pedophiles. The Devil himself created great evils, but never tried to change a boy into a girl. Gender transition ‘therapy’ is such a non-human invention that it can only be jewish. Judge Brown is misusing her bench to play a jewish game on the people of Dallas.

History aficionados recall that the first American child-butcher job was arranged by a jewish ‘psychologist’ named John Money, who decided that one year old baby boy named Bruce Reimer from Canada, needed to be ‘transitioned’, where a butcher surgeon from Johns Hopkins Hospital performed the ‘medically necessary’ procedure in 1966. The reassignment removed cock and balls, installed a gash and relocated the urethra to the lower abdomen to allow the baby to pee. Hormone poisoning was applied to grow breasts. A science experiment under the guise of jewish psychology, as the mutilated child conveniently had a twin brother to compare the results. The scam was medically legitimized by the goy institution of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore who established the Gender Identity Clinic … clinic label makes it sound so medically necessary. Sexual deviancy supported by medical professionals justify human butchery! Propaganda at its best; Goebbels would be proud. Kid was so fucked up, he was never told of his butchering or hormone treatments until he was 15. He then had his breasts removed, stopped the hormones, changed his first name to David, tried to be a man, but ended up committing suicide. A scientist might conclude the ‘experiment’ was a failure. The jews saw it as a good start.

An enlightened Christian society would see the butchering and hormone poisoning in the clear light of the jewish deviant agenda aimed at the goy. But the jewdiciary, usurping parens patriae powers of the state, continues to advance agenda through deviant judges like Mary Brown of Dallas. One would think that in Texas, the cowboys would gallop through Brown’s court shooting up the bench, in protection of children or that the local mechanic would ‘adjust’ the brakes on her BMW. Eliminating the new Dr. Mengele could not be a bad thing.

There is grave suspicion regarding the butchery of James, given he has a twin brother named Jude. The casual observer may conclude that doctor mother strangemind is just repeating Money’s experiment from ’66 and Dallas Children’s Medical Center is the Texas sized legitimizing institution. Interesting to note that Hopkins ran its Baltimore butcher clinic from ’66 to ’79, then it realized it was just contributing to the progression of mental illness of the patients. However, jewish money has re-calibrated Hopkins’ orientation and in 2017 a new butcher clinic has been established, aptly named The Center For Transgender Health, where a cock can be constructed out of flesh from your forearm!! The jews are back in business in Baltimore!

Perhaps a righteous God will simply send down a few good lightening bolts from a Texas size thunderstorm to vaporize the mother, which ends the court case, causing Judge Brown to instantly lose jurisdiction over little James’ little dick, then he can then grow up with a nice cock that his future girlfriend will appreciate. After all, no red-blooded, Texas cowboy is going to be fucking a gash full of pus.

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Little James Younger, will have his dick removed by order of Judge Mary Brown of Texas Family Court
Judge Mary Brown, target of god’s wrath for butchering his children, likely to be exterminated soon.
Unfit mother of little James, deviant pediatrician advancing jewish agenda. (note the fake cross)
Deviant psychopath Christopher J. Durovich, CEO of Dallas Children’s Butcher Shop, ready to chop off little boys’ dicks, probably likes to suck them too.
James and Jude, the present day guinea pigs to repeat the experiment of Bruce and Brian which started in 1966 and ended in suicide for both subjects. Should be evidence for the court to deny the butchery.
The sign of the jew, Satan could not think this shit up!