Gay Skidmarks

The jews are mad! The queer puppets of society are not woke enough to realize that their deviant sexual behavior and demand for ‘rights’ is nothing more than a jew sponsored propaganda tool to annoy the goy. Their constant effort to teach pre-pubescent children about the joys of sodomy or handling of double ended dildos unwittingly promotes the jewish agenda for the four-legged goy and their calves. But what is queer for the queers is the gay complaint that someone drove over their rainbow street art and left a mark. Sexual deviants are not smart people.

The queer game of mixing Juneteenth with rainbow colors creates its own contradictions. Rainbow colors painted on black tar celebrates sexual deviancy by concealing the underlying blackness of most roads. The queers need to rub their stupid rainbow in society’s face, to reinforce that rainbows are a chosen symbol of sexual perversion. Men’s gay societies should use a greasy color or just straight up brown to celebrate their love of another man’s butthole. Colors of a rainbow just don’t inspire thoughts of sexual deviants living a perverse life style, about which society does not give a shit. Only people who seem to care are Democrats in need of votes. But most surprising of all is the queer logic, which claims that driving a truck over their rainbow street art is unnatural.

The fudge packers of Delray Beach claim that painting an intersection is a memorial to 49 dead folks killed in Orlando, 200 miles to the north and five years ago. Really? The fags of Delray did not make a listing of the dead, just painted the street funny colors, with no mention of ‘Pulse’ night club, or Orlando, or mass shooting, or anything that would go along with commemorating lost souls. Time to cut the crap. Jews are pulling the strings across the country to paint streets to advertise sexual deviancy, all in violation of federal, state, and local laws. If advertising in the streets were legal, McDonalds and Coca-Cola would have mastered the art years ago. But the gays want to attack anyone who calls bullshit on their street colorings as homophobic.

Well here is a shout out to a nice set of Goodyear tires that provided some free expression on top of the illegal paint job. A couple black streaks, smoked on top of rainbow paint left in the roadway, just to let the jews know their bullshit deviant propaganda is bullshit. No one cares about your sexual displeasures, it is just a front for the jews to rape the children. Wakey, wakey! Jews use the queers to push their agenda to eliminate the age of consent so they can rape kids at will. The ultimate jew undermining of an enlightened society. Take away the guns, criminalize expression, destroy families, and turn the country into an open pedophile utopia where kids are trained to be sex toys by jewish indoctrination agents masquerading as teachers.

Still think it is just a pretty paint job in the street?

Nice to see the jews added a nigger stripe to be inclusive.