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Holohoax Remembrance Day

Shout out to the Holohoaxters perpetuating jewish lies on goy societies.  Friday 27 January is the official UN day of Holohoax, a manipulative body of jew word order, perpetuating lies of previous generations. Oi vey! Take a shower in remembrance of SIX MILLION jews who did not die in ZyklonB bathhouses, applaud the script of lies promoted by jewish overlords, the modern foundation of jewish victimhood. Take the kids to a local Holohoax Museum, advance the hoax to the next generation, forced to live under chosen ideology, based on poorly written fables. Honor Billy Wilder for being Eisenhower’s cinematographer, depicting starving, diseased prisoners as VICTIMS of Germans, rather than mere victims of lice, filming shower rooms, as gas chambers, keeping windows beyond camera view. Applaud Brigadier General McClure and C.D. Jackson for human soap, lampshades, shrunken heads, ashtrays, tattoo collection made from persecuted jews … pretty lame script. Celebrate gullibility of society, where the chosen repeat lies, malign disbelievers, deride evidence, but march to the chosen drumbeat of warfare by deception. It is a jew world.