Creature of the State

Need legal proof that jews run the family court to the beat of the Talmud drum? That the rulers of family court are so chosen that SCOTUS does not apply? Ready to stop believing the lie that a paedophile in a black robe knows what is best for a child? Ready to wake up? Got ammo?

Twenty years ago, the highest court in the land re-stated the liberty rights which protect the parent-child relationship. These rights, well known since the Founding, first appeared in opinions in the 1920’s. A Christian society needs no judicial repetition in secular law to uphold the sanctity of parent-child bonds. Not until the jewish influence of child trafficking took root in America was there need to for the high court to make opinions consistent with Church teachings. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor restated these liberties in Troxel v Granville noting that children are not mere creatures of the state, a point established by the same court seventy-five years earlier. In today’s family court system, children are exactly creatures of the deviant rulers who pretend not to be child traffickers. Let’s not kid ourselves, the defeat of such jurisprudence comes from the dark jewish hand which undermines American rule of law for the sole purpose of defeating Christian teachings. Jews work to destroy the family unit as a basis of a civilized society … and they are good at it.

Meet the chief jew child trafficker of Bergen County New Jersey, Judge Peter J. Melchionne. Nicknamed the ‘Blobfather’ for being a disgustingly obese mass of flab, he makes Jabba The Hut look handsome. This guy is so fat that he has not seen his dick since high school, but he knows how to stick it in little boys. As usual, the deviants populate family court, usurping the power of the state to traffic children for pleasure and profit. Having had his own ass pounded by his father and then shared at the synagogue, Melchionne became a chosen paedo player of the NJ ring, now sitting as chief child trafficker in Hackensack on the family bench.

Melchionne recently made a young girl a creature of the state for the sole purpose of trafficking and court profiteering. The child had a big trust fund, as the result of custodial father’s terminal cancer. No dad, no conflict between the parents, mom the surviving parent takes over, simple. But not for fat boy Melchionne, he was drooling over the ass and assets of the child, when the former stepmother, now widow of cancer dad claimed she was the ‘psychological’ mother of the trust fund baby, Melchionne started drooling even more. The child is a creature of the family court and will be offerred to the highest bidder, liberty interests, fundamental rights, due process be damned, this is family court where money is everything and children don’t matter. Melchionne agrees with the step-widow and assigns the creature to her care and control of the trust fund, then seizes over $300k of the creature’s money to pay lawyers to argue over a claim which holds no evidence. Be sure to note that a chunk of that change ended up in a jewdicial pocket. Child creature runs away to real mom, to the ire of Melchionne. Step widow was left nothing by cancer dad and needs the creature to feed herself, nothing to do with a parent like relationship, just cold hard cash of the creature’s trust. Oi vey, the complications of money.

The child became a creature of the family court only because of the trust fund, well over a million bucks, plus the house and a business interest. If the creature had nothing, the family court would not care. The step bitch would not care. The kid would have been dropped off on the curb in front of real momma’s house with a do not return label. The real mother would be the only person on the planet tasked by the State with sheltering, feeding, clothing and caring for the ‘creature’. But family law becomes rather elastic when the jew on the bench smells money. Elastic law requires elastic lawyers.

The psycho step mother, Luciana Coutinho-Crane, uses legal lizard Brian Shea to claim motherhood over the child. Note that the child pretty much hated the step bitch, but no worries, Brian Shea arranges for a high paid court whore psychologist to provide expert testimony that step mother was the psycho entitled to control of the trust funds. Brian Shea knows that Judge Melchionne wants a piece of the trust funds, absent cause in law. No cause, just the greedy desire of step-bitch to control the trust funds. Luciana held no love for the child, just hatred for cancer dad who left her nothing.

The court appointed GAL is Valerie Solimano, another court clingon, paid to perform unspeakable acts against children at direction of paedos on the bench. This deviant humanoid is such a pathetic individual as to enjoy the cash from her ward’s trust to argue as to who is the real mother. Jewish deviancy played out under best interests of financial thievery.

The creature did not play along with Melchionne’s game. Ran away from ‘psycho’ mom and called bullshit on the family court. Despite seizing the child and trafficking her thru foster care under the muscle of state child protection services, Melchionne could not grab the remainder of the trust funds, the step-bitch proved more nuts than psycho, the creature of the state escaped to the care of her real mother, just like the Constitution says. The wrath of Melchionne is brought upon real mom by her arrest for ‘custodial interference’. Sound familiar? By orders of fat boy, the equally obese assistant prosecutor of Bergen County arrests and jails the mother. Meet Jessica A. Gomperts, a sloth of disgusting proportions, who carries out the jewdicial orders of the bench for her boss Mark Musella. Gomperts is a paedo foot soldier who works the state muscle to silence and punish parents who do not allow their children to be ‘state creatures’ of paedo pleasure. Any mother who exercises her rights to a child under the Constitution will be maligned, arrested, jailed, robbed, and set as an example for all others who attempt to protect their children from the monsters of society.

The drama continues as the sovereign people of New Jersey are duped into charging a mother for the crime of being a mother. When the criminals run the courts, when the rule of law is ignored, when paedophiles hide in the light, when screams of children cannot be heard, the people hold cause to eradicate the monsters from society. Three oh eight ball ammunition preferred, with extra grain to penetrate the fat, double pane window notwithstanding.

Fat boy, Judge Mechionne, child rapist of Bergen County NJ
Assistant Prosecutor Jessica Anne Gomperts, prosecutes mothers for being good mothers.
Valerie Solimano, paedo lawyer appointed by Melchionne to traffic children with trust funds and kickback money under the bench to fat boy’s pocket.
Attorney Brian Shea argues that penniless step-widow is the real mother of the child who ran away from his client. Brian Shea is a paedo player and sucks Melchionne’s dick.
Luciana Coutinho-Crane, penniless step-mother seeking creature’s trust funds in family court.