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Well Said!

Blog defers to opinion of Mr. Gray:

Jeryl Gray P.O. Box 695, Stratford CT 06615 [email protected]  February 9, 2021

Testimony of Opposition to Labor And Public Employees Committee H.B. 6382 Raised Bill: AN ACT STRENGHTENING THE PROBATE COURT SYSTEM Honorable Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Ranking and Committee Members; I am respectfully herein submitting my opposition to the passage of H.B. 6382. I do so in my opposition to both the specific design and stated purpose of this instant Bill in seeking to have Connecticut’s Probate Court employees become Connecticut State Employees and additionally, in my comprehensive, wholesale, sweeping opposition to any direction of action that would serve to increase any of the powers of the already grossly over-powered, above-the-law Connecticut Probate Court System, a system which may be better characterized as being a rampantly corrupt, self-serving, predatory, rapacious, human trafficking Racketeering Enterprise. I label the Connecticut Probate Court in such extreme and repugnant terms not from context of indulgence in perfervid hyperbole or in rancorous bitterness in being a so-called “disgruntled” casualty of this contemptible and despicable mob syndicate; my labeling is instead grounded and founded in the horrifically and agonizingly acquired knowledge and awareness of who and what the Probate Court System is, it is grounded and founded in the terrible cognizance of the ruthless, unconscionable brutality that is perpetrated again and again and again and again upon so many prey victims of this rapaciously marauding pack of predators, it is grounded and founded in the shared excruciatingly torturous experience of so many of us who are prey victims of the Connecticut Probate Court Conservatorship/Guardianship Racketeering Enterprise. As two of the many many prey victims of the ravaging rape/pillage/plunder perpetrated by this marauding estatelooting gang, my Mother Dolores Gray and I have been subjected to such unspeakable evildoing, have been prey victims to such monstrous infliction of torturous pain and suffering at the deliberate hands of these predators that it would almost belie rational credibility of even a rudimentary and superficial telling of our story… Yet, while our story of victimization at the rapaciously predatory hands of the Connecticut Probate Racket is so dark and so ugly to the extreme, it is at its core in commonality with the same horror story that has been agonizingly suffered by literally thousands of Connecticut Probate Prey. And while the ostensible, so-professed reason for the creation of and existence of our probate court goes back hundreds of years to the pre-existence of the United States of America in being created in the so-stated purpose of providing for the surviving widows and their fatherless children of those times, probate court has deliberately and actively transformed 180 degrees away from any such noble and worthy purpose to become an unbridled, self-governing, above-the-law, grossly over-reaching, self-serving business enterprise, a racketeering enterprise that serves to strip prey of their civil rights and their assets for purpose of I.R.A – Involuntary Redistribution of prey’s probate-stolen Assets out of the prey’s possession/control/ownership and into the probate predators’ own pockets, into their own coffers. The putrid reality is this: the probate “system” is a self-serving business enterprise that masquerades in the guise/disguise sham pretense of their purpose being their service to their targeted prey via their deeming unto themselves the powers of the taking of complete control over the lives and assets of those whom they determine to be needing their “services” of their so stripping these probate-sentenced conservatorship/guardianship wards of all their rights of self-governance in all aspects of their own lives and their stripping the prey of all control/possession/ownership of whatever assets the probate-sentenced conservatorship/guardianship wards may have so as to pay themselves from these appropriated assets for their performance of these “services” upon these wards. The truth: their service is not to these wards, their service is to their own greed and avarice. Thus, Probate Court prey become Probate Racket-owned chattel slaves in this Human Trafficking Enterprise as their assets are completely transferred into the pockets and coffers of these wicked, fiendish, diabolical ogres, who, while presenting themselves in a façade of being polite, decorous, well-dressed, well-educated, well-behaved, respectable honorable professionals, are devoid of basic humanity, are devoid of constraints of ethics, conscience, scruples. principles, integrity as they ruthlessly destroy lives and rob every aspect of their prey’s God-given rights as being Children of God. As Yale Law School Professor of Estate Law John Langbein so testified Connecticut Probate is so irredeemably corrupt that the only legitimate course of action would be the complete elimination of this cancer that is Connecticut Probate Court… As U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal has testified on the national level, Connecticut Probate Judges are running a hugely self-profiting racket in which they (and their complicit/collusive/collaborative/conspiratorial co-profiting ”interested person” cronies in the Connecticut Probate/ElderLaw/Social Service Human Trafficking RACKET) are contemptibly, despicably exploiting their targeted prey to the tune of many many tens of millions of dollars which are taken from the pockets of the prey and from the pockets of Connecticut taxpayers so as to go into their own pockets, so as to go into their own coffers… The Probate Court players are permitted to operate as separate entities outside of the judicial system; the Probate Court players are able to operate as sovereign entities as these Probate Court parties are able to exert total power over the lives and assets of any who come into their crosshair sights; these Probate Court players thus fully enjoy and thus self-servingly utilize the unbridled and unrestrained power of SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY from accountability and culpability and liability for their actions in stripping rights and seizing assets from their Probate Court Prey. And, as the members of the Connecticut Legislature are so aware of this filthy Racket and as they continue to assist and enable and support and facilitate and empower these human traffickers, so too are the Connecticut Legislators responsible in their own culpability and blameworthiness; so too are they guilty of these murderous crimes against the people of whose interests and rights they are supposed to be representing and upholding.