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Time to call out the haters for hating, how hateful! Hypocrite jew Stephen Ginsburg sits atop the hateful jewish organization, the mislabeled ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE, whose propaganda opposes the longstanding hatred of jews and parasitic behaviors. In the demented jewish mind, it is a crime for the goy to hate the jew, which is contrary to First Amendment protection of the right to hate. The land of the goy and home of the brave takes pride in its right to hate. If Ginsburg and his synagogue pals don’t like the hate, try a strip of land in Palestine. Wagner’s music is even banned there!

The now-famous blog calls out Ginsburg for his hatred of hate, while his jewish pals in family court conspire to hate, in a big way. ADL sez it is bad to hate the jew, but is silent when the jew hates the goy. Is it not a hate crime when jews like Jane Grossman, Gerard Adelman, Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Jessica Caverly all conspire to hate three little goy kids; Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer? When the jews conspire to misuse court power for the sole purpose of hatred of goy kids and love of family bank, is it not a criminal act; a hate crime? The state sovereign goy hold no interest in raping the childhoods of these three kids, just a criminal act by conspirators bound in an ancient beliefs of no modern purpose. Is Stephen Ginsburg the shadow hate crime chief of Connecticut, victimizing children by jewish racketeering in the family court? Of course he is!

Is the Connecticut family court racket a jewish hate group? Of course it is! There is only jewish ideology expressed in the conduct of family court, a communist belief that the family is irrelevant and that state agents will traffic children at will, parent-child bonds be trashed. All the major players of family court are jewish. Parent-child bond is a Christian thing. For years the dark hand of king jew Judge Elliot Solomon implements the jewish ideology into the court’s discretionary framework. The talmud-infused secretive bench book, edited by jew Dierdre McPadden, is the hate torah of the jew court against the goy and children. All the pain and agony inflicted by jewdicial discretion involves jews, pedophiles, dykes, deviants, and more jews. Think Judge Jane Emons learned to be such a bad judge in law school? Nonsense, her jewish roots, hatred for the goy, and support by Judge Elliot Solomon made her a chosen monster jew on the bench. Same goes for dykes Elizabeth Bozzuto, Maureen Murphy, Lynda Munro, Elaine Gordon, who all follow the teachings of the talmud … a formal structure of hatred, enforced by Solomon. The family court jewdical mafia is a who’s who of jewish hate: Solomon, Wetstone, Adelman, Grossman, Gruendel, Katz, Borden, Aarons. The supporting attorneys even more pronounced: Dembo, Hurwitz, Bozek, Gersten, Rakich-Kelly, Nusbaum, Laliberte, Libbin, Morra. Next the jewish psychobabblists: Horowitz, Hechtman, Gruen, Caverly, Smith, Black, Robson. All working together, bound in jewish form, to fuck up the goy, their kids, and of course to rob family bank in the name of the best interest of jew wallets.

The age old sleight of hand is at play: jewish deception. Stephen Ginsburg parades around the state combating constitutionally protected hate, while his fellow jews misuse the power of the state court to inflict jewish hatred upon the goy to further the agenda of Zionism, a terrorist effort. The jewish word salad is obvious in Ginsburg’s rhetoric. ADL is cloaked in the fraud of combating dislike of all kinds, when in reality it is a subversive jewish organization fronting race wars and societal unrest. White folk in Georgia did not care about religion when they lynched Leo Frank. Just good old southern vigilante justice for a chosen pedophile and child murderer. Hate crimes are healthy elements of an enlightened society, hate against cannibals, pedophiles, rapists, cheats, drug dealers, pimps, child predators, and parasites are natural acts of protection by an enlightened people. It protects the next generation and really pisses off the chosen ones. What the jew/ADL does not like is labelled ‘extremist’. A group of financially ruined parents, complaining to their elected leaders of court abuse are jew labelled extremists, disgruntled litigants, who the State Police (jew muscle) must surveil lest Jane Emons be kicked off the bench. Jewish word salad is such entertainment!

But here is the constitutional reality. It is just fine to hate the jew and jewish beliefs. It is ok to lynch murderer Leo Frank. It is ok to hate pedophiles. It is ok to hate a belief of sucking bleeding baby dick. It is ok to purge the family court of anything that smells jewish. It is ok for a society to purge jewish influence. It is ok for headless jew corpses to float down the Connecticut River in black robes. It is ok to listen to Wagner’s music. Jews hold no right to fuck up an enlightened society; an enlightened society holds cause to purge the jew. Emperors Claudius and Tiberius both expelled jews from Rome long before there was Christianity. Stephen Ginsburg runs a subversive organization worthy of being purged.

What if the angry mob lynches the jewish family court mafia? Will there be any witnesses? What defense will jews claim for the harmful actions against children absent state interest? Does Stephen Ginsburg hold extremist power of jewish righteousness on behalf of a sovereign people? Is Ginsburg so delusional to decide what not to hate? Hate dat! What if the enlightened society eliminates all that it hates … a good thing?

ADL does not hate the jewish racket of family court. ADL just a domestic terrorist organization to be hated.
Connecticut ADL Regional Director Stephen Ginsburg, domestic terrorist, hated by Mary Phagan and her parents.
Booted Judge Jane Emons … a jew hated by a sovereign people for being a jewish judge … hat dat!!!