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Connecticut Paedophilia

The now-famous Blog of pure protected, political speech observes the paedophiles of the jewdiciary committee are happily promoting child rape by manipulating definitions of deviant sexual attraction to children. Corrupticut is the paedophile capital of New England, where the people’s elected representatives gaylee execute talmudic goals to make rape of goy kids perfectly legal. Sexual orientation will now include deviant desire to rape a child. The deviancy is proposed as a ‘bill’ by anti-Christian miscreants of the legislature: Jeff Currey, Hubert Delany, Gary Winfield, Dominque Johnson, Tom Delnicki. All deviants following a jewish agenda to crush humanity into an unrecognizable cauldron of dystopia, holding no moral purposes, no societal benefit, just the goal of child penetration under the protection of goy law. Attack on children comes from Stamford, Westport, South Windsor, West Haven, all jewish paedo enclaves. The bill was obediently approved by the jewdiciary committed under the deviant leadership of Winfield, Stafstrom, Fishbien, Flexer, Quinn, Kissel. Orwellian newspeak carries the day, paedophile has a nasty connotation, as caring parents disapprove of such child abuse, but the deviant jews prefer ‘minor attracted person’ in effort to normalize child rape. Then comes the demonic choice to identify as a paedophile, which is a new civil right created by miscreants promoted into the legislature by the dark hand of the nutmeg jew. Reality is that only the jew holds persuasion to rape children, what Sigmund Freud was paid to preach by his jew benefactors.

Deviant promotion couched in HB6638 is straight out of the talmud, dissolving humanity to beastly elements to feed organic mental illness of its sponsors. The sponsors celebrate their psychosis in attack of children, as their masters instruct, proudly boasting their own inhumane existences that should remain in the closet; their feeble minds overwhelmed by minor attraction. A defective need to impose their twisted desires on others, coupled with jewish support to malign all others who are just normal folk, trying to raise kids, keep society alive, fulfill a proper human existence.

Much discussion over the need for such perverted form of alleged civil rights, highlighting a jewish politic that first exposed itself in Minnesota. Now in Connecticut, the game is the same, queers promoting the talmudic agenda to rape children. Opposed by the rather unknown Family Institute of Connecticut bemoaning Hartford Courant’s hit piece on protection of child predators, where even AP tries to explain that ‘we the people‘ cannot discriminate against paedophiles who have not been caught raping kids. The Bill is a joke. Identify as a child predator, be a protected class. Pick a new gender that only fucks kids, be a protected class. Be a groomer to condition young minds they need adult dicks in their ass, be a protected class. Dress as drag queens to get close to kids, protected class. Whine about bakeries that don’t make paedo bear cakes, protected! The jews, niggers, dykes, fags, paedophiles act in promotion of the talmud upon the goy and their four legged calves, for the jew is chosen to fuck up the host society, a parasitic delicacy.

Editor’s Note:  Nothing but groomers, child predators, deviant jews masquerading as ‘law makers’!

Niggers, dykes, fags, jews … child predators all. Jew masters will not allow a free people to be homophobe, transphobe, paedophobe, you must love the beliefs of the chosen, children be dammed.