Gay Pride?

What is it with fags? Why do they need to rub their gayness in society’s face? What is their constant need to recruit new members to their twisted community? Do they have a clue that no one gives a shit about their deviant pleasures, nor that no one really cares they are gay? What is with the constant demand for attention? Can’t they just be not seen and not heard? Or is it just more jewish propaganda to fuck up a Christian society and the precious children?

The City of Saratoga Springs, NY claims that diversity and inclusion requires painting rainbow colors on the street, as a permanent welcome mat to out of town queers. Like maybe they are having the Woodstock of gay orgies off Northway Exit 14? Oi vey, can’t even get to the Ben&Jerry’s without having to cross the rainbow crosswalk, which the queers shamed the city into painting in violation of state and federal law. Is this gay splash of color some mystical celebration for sexual deviants? Like how did rainbows get associated with deviant freaks in the first place? Jewish mysticism?

Mayor Meg Kelly, wants the street art removed, as gay graffiti is a violation of state and federal law. But the big fat dyke Commissioner of NYDOT claims it defines New Yorkers. Get that? Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez, who needs a heavy haul permit just to drag her fat ass to work, issued the following statement: “As we have seen across the state and nation, these types of roadway displays have become important pieces of the communities that developed them and send important messages about who we are as New Yorkers.  While unconventional, DOT will not stand in the way of a community‚Äôs ability to celebrate and promote these important messages of diversity and inclusivity. As the City of Saratoga is responsible for maintaining this roadway, we will respect whatever decision local officials come to regarding the future of this crosswalk and will work with them to ensure the safety of the intersection.

The fat dyke has declared that laws do not matter. To support gayness, Dumbinguez supports queers driving on the left side of the road to display their uniqueness in society. Next she is rolling out enough rainbow paint to cover the Northway from Albany to Canada, to really show the world what it means to be a queer New Yorker. The runways at Albany Airport will be painted with outlines of double ended dildos on a rainbow background to make takeoffs and landings more deviant. It is New York’s true colors. The local association of queerness known as Saratoga Pride has defiled innocent horses with rainbow paint, in their ridiculous logo, not that the NY Racing Association wants to see a painted pony.

Robin Dalton, the City Public Safety Commissioner, claims the colored crosswalk is some important government diversity function, but she is just appeasing the queers for support in her bid for Mayor of the Spa City. Another obese, incompetent cunt who cannot perform her job function, claiming that it is perfectly legal to promote sexual deviancy in a crosswalk. Next she will install the Planned Parenthood crosswalk to promote abortions, having fetuses pressed into the pavement complete with umbilical cords, something all the children will view as a message of who New Yorkers really are. Plans are also in the works for a BLM parking lot, where cars can be burned by former slaves demanding reparations and a return ticket to Africa, another way Dalton shows that she cares.

If left unchecked, the queers will change the colors of traffic lights, stop signs, even the tail lights on your car, while fucking your kids. Anyone who objects will be labelled homophobic and attacked by the jewish hate machine. The future is children, but queers really don’t help in that regard, teaching kids about sodomy prior to puberty is a jew’s game. Transgender butchery is inhumane and hardly a medical treatment, just a jew’s way of chopping up goy children, a pointed way of mocking Christianity and destroying young gifts from God. Robin Dalton is a pandering politician with no party affiliation. She is just a queer jew from the upper East Side fucking up another American town in the name of queerness.

The queers of Saratoga Springs are not allowed to paint city hall, sidewalks, post office, race track nor the Casino, or SPAC, but they get a jew city commissioner to break the law to paint the street, hoping no one will notice. Busted! Dalton buys the City a federal lawsuit. One thing queer jews do not respect is the rule of law.

Deviancy, a jewish delicacy!

See federal crosswalk specs here. Rainbows not included.

Sexual deviants celebrate deviant street art, with a bunch of gay children. Dalton the fat buffalo in the middle. Note U.S. Congressman Paul Tonko celebrating violation of federal Traffic Safety Laws with street graffiti. What politicians will do for a gay vote.
Ever seen a gay horse? A new deviant logo to attract LGBT betting, not designed by NYRA.
Fat dyke cunt NYDOT Commissioner Domiguez, too fat and too stupid to uphold state and federal law.
The deviant jewish game of advertising perversion. Sodomites want your kid’s ass and are proud of it.
Pride in gay horses? Just a deviant political agenda, sponsored by jewish parasites. Horses disapprove.