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Attractive Queer Nuisance

The now-famous Blog is humoured by the alphabet people of Brunswick, Maine in their insane desire to paint crosswalks in celebration of sexual deviancy while complaining of skid marks on the street. Oi vey! The town is just asking for another round of ‘vandalism’ on expressions of deviancy. Police Chief Scott Stewart can hunt hate skids again this year. Since when is a skid mark on a street vandalism? Only in Orwellian newspeak, by rabbinical rulers of modern ‘murika can queers make a fuss over skid marks, like rubbing gayness in the face of normal folks, who want nothing to do with perverts.

Accolades to community leadership of Brunswick! Councilor Dyke Kathy Wilson campaigned for silly colors in the roadway, manifestation of her need to let everyone know she is a dyke, an attention whore, in need of recognition of perversion. Supported by Councilor Dan Ankeles, who wants his two kids to express their sexuality by sucking his dick. Resident Nathan MacDonald, who runs Queerly ME, a deviancy promotion politic of organic mental deficiency, promoting queers as a societal necessity, pretty much a gathering of miscreants looking for other miscreants seeking mutual stimulation, while children watch and learn. Councilor Abby King notes that alphabet people are mentally ill, which creates need for town government to decorate the streets with colors promoting mental illness in all children. Councilor David Watson noted that the colors are prohibited from use on the road by state and federal law, creating a liability to the Town. Public Works Director Jay Astle, a clueless tree hugger of no engineering expertise does not realize he breaks the law and creates hazard for the public by deviating for deviancy; another Town paycheck sponge, betraying public trust, incapable of performing his job function. Councilor Nathaniel Shed said the Town should do more to attract sexual deviants, stating people need to identify Brunswick as deviant sanctuary, the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

Editor’s Note:  The jewish ideology of sexual deviancy guides small town clowns of Brunswick to promote queerness in the host society, control of the feeble minded works to destroy life itself, no rule of the majority, just parasitic infection of the jew.

Brunswick Town Councilors splash sexual deviancy on the street for promotion of mental defects of the queer, all in violation of state law.

Brunswick whines about its attractive nuisance, painted illegally in celebration of mental defects, children targeted.

Brunswick Police ready to hunt hate skids, the jewish muscle to impose deviancy on all.