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Rainbow Ridicule

Where deviancy promoters ridicule the natural light refraction of rainbows in the sky, a lovely dispersion of the visible light spectrum, the now-famous Blog applauds automotive physics of torque and friction laying a patch of rubber on a public street painted to mock humanity in celebration of queers, mentally defective, alien, humanoids, of narcissistic personality disorder needing to impress on others their perverted love of penetrating another man’s hairy asshole, butchering sex organs, hating all who eschew queer behaviours. Blog observes the elements of society who paint roadways in funny colors are jewish puppets, executing Satan’s work, for the downfall of humanity. What form of parenting promotes deviancy to children? Promotes rape of childhood? Growing up requires guidance and support, not training in deviant, perverse conduct, children are to be protected, not exploited by kike ideology. Jews humiliate humanity, treating the host society as a herd of four-legged animals, calves for the slaughter, no essence of existence other than to be a toy of the chosen. The ultimate jewish goal being legal authority to rape children. The rainbow is the jewish battle flag for rabbinical dick to penetrate goy children in every orifice, with legal blessing of talmudic rule.

Editor’s Note:  The jewish propaganda of maligning straight folks for repulsive reaction to deviancy is talmudic communism, the chosen state dictating all beliefs, goy mind control by the dark hand of the jew.


Jew puppets deface a street with deviant symbology, causing tires to spin, rubber to burn, which is translated by the jew to HATE skids!!

Rainbow crosswalk attracts white paint too!