Now that most Blog readers have taken their post stuffing nap, induced by cranial poisoning of serotonin and melatonin secreted in the brain, pushed by turkey protein tryptophan, time to give thanks during this time of thankfulness, in a Blog special way.

Let us give thanks for the game of baseball, which provides ‘we the people’ such wonderfully crafted bats to hit the ball and crush the skulls of child predators of family court. Let us give thanks for matches, those little sticks that allow a parental mob to light their torches, which illuminate the night, parting the blackness, sending a message, shining on houses and terrorized pedophiles fleeing their judgement. Let us give thanks that burning torches and bats carried by the mob of ‘we the people’ are immune from the immunity held by the predators. Let us give thanks for oak trees, holding out sturdy branches from which domestic terrorists and child predators may swing. Let us give thanks for the mountain waters that flow quietly thru a valley, carrying headless corpses in blood stained robes to the sea. Let us give thanks for the voracious ocean life who devour the flesh of the unclean. Let us give thanks for the power of thunder bolts that electrocute the beasts, extinguishing appetites for devouring precious children. Give thanks for the righteous God who teaches that evil is not erradicated with tolerance and understanding. Give thanks for the fire and brimstone of an angry Lord whose gifts are abused by evil by a spiritless people. Give thanks that the Lord’s anger reduces wooden dwellings to ash, while melting two panes of glass. Give thanks that ballistics of .308 ball ammunition carry the wrath of a righteousness against evil. Give thanks for .50 cals and head shots, night scopes, concealment by bushes, high grass, even cemeteries. Give thanks for cell phone trackers, space stations, and death rays. Give thanks for the harvest, cranberries, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, all from God’s earth to fortify the fight against evil. Give thanks for the bird sacrificed for a feast in celebration of thanks. Give thanks for strength and will to hunt down every last child predator. Give thanks for God’s righteous power to protect children from evil.

Amen. Please pass the rolls.