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Katz v Pattis

Oh boy!!  The top questionable female pear shaped jew justice of the Connecticut ‘establishment’ Joette Katz takes aim at the ponytail on a giant of the profession, Norm Pattis.  In a civilized society this propaganda style attack using the rag of the CT Law Tribune would be totally ignored as no one gives a shit about lawyers writing about lawyers.  A prostitute’s newsletter about herpe transmission being more interest.  We now see how jewdicial retaliation oozing from the beneath the black robes gets distributed.  Damn the Rules of Professional Conduct, judges are tyrants and damn the ponytail.

Obviously, there was no way for Judge Gold and Judge Bozzuto to get the FBI to raid Norm’s house early in the morning.  Shooting his dogs just too obvious.  Nor could the State Police SWAT team be mobilized to raid Norm’s bookshelf.  Cops couldn’t read his titles anyway.  But the jewdicial masters had to let Norm know that his ponytail is a target of the annoyed bench.

For those of you who have not been paying attention, Norm and his elite legal pals have taken up the appeal on free speech against the wishes of Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto and Judge Jewboy Gold.  Connecticut will soon be the laughing stock of the nation for its failure to spell First Amendment.  The ponytail is taunting the jewish overlords who must soon face the ferocious freedom fighter armed with the Constitution in the appellate court.  Norm is now a target for foolishly challenging the jewish conviction of Ted Taupier for writing about the demise of tyrants in black robes.  The jews will not allow speech critical of their favorite child trafficking judge, the miscreant dyke Elizabeth Bozzuto.  Norm will be punished for his concept of freedom and expression.  Gutless Article

So be careful, don’t ride in Norm’s car, it could blow up at anytime or t-boned by state dump truck  Don’t use Norm as a lawyer, he is on the blacklist.  The jewdicial mafia retaliation is swift and unmerciful.  The Law Tribune under direction of Joette Katz issued the rough equivalent of a true threat ordering Norm and his ponytail out of Connecticut Courts.  Application of the Bill of Rights is not appreciated by the monsters in black robes; attorney disobedience is not tolerated.  Thus these tyrants rule.

So wish that a Kansas style farm house lands on Judge Bozzuto, the tyrants will come after you and your lawyer, and probably your lawyer’s dogs.

F. Lee Bailey calls Norm Pattis “One of the Giants of the Profession” and “Part of a Dying Breed of Slash and Burn Trial Lawyers”….the jewdicial mafia of Corrupticut is going to make sure Norm and his ponytail are part of the dying breed.