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Katz Challenge

The now-famous Blog challenges queen jew of the rabbinical cesspool of Corrupticut Courts to an evidentiary showdown! To put an end to her whining about pro-gentile commentary, she is hereby challenged to apply the Connecticut Code of Evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that SIX MILLION of her cousins were exterminated by order of Adolf Hitler in eight death camps between 1939-1945.

d’Blog calls HOLOHOAX on Jewette Katz and her old testament clingons. Katz can show the world her chosen superior intellect, her chosen expert legal skills, chosen knowledge of evidence, yada yada yada … to prove her pathetic claim to jewish persecution, as opposed to the reality that no one really likes chosen attitudes and rabbinical addiction to sucking bleeding foreskins. Katz is free to use the historical record, soap factories, Zyklon B showers, burning pits, bears & eagles, mass graves, masturbation machines, bonfires of kike, lamp shades, she is even invited to prove new atrocities. No limits, use all partners at ShipmanGoodwin as co-counsel to prove her case, even the gentiles.

The stakes in the challenge are high. If Katz can meet the legal test in evidence that six million jews were exterminated, the now-famous Blog will unplug the server and vanish from cyberspace. If Katz fails to prove the oppression, she must be Baptized by the Archbishop of Hartford.

Accept, bitch?

Jewdicial discretion cannot prove a holohoax!