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Neejar Patel

The now-famous Blog of the free speech kind spotlights another malignant drain on the federal budget, paycheck sponge Neejar Patel, a federal prosecutor in D. Connecticut, working under niggardly supervision of U.S. Attorney Vanessa Avery Roberts, a black skinned diversity appointment of Sleepy Joe Biden, ensuring Bill of Rights does not interfere with life in the gulag. Neejar and side kick moron Margaret Donovan have engaged in a year long pursuit of free speech on complaint of blog star Joette Katz, the queen of kikes, who hates goy Blog. Wire taps, data logging, server hunting, search warrants, sealing orders in support of a CRIMINAL investigation by ‘US Government & Connecticut State Police’; a guise to hunt goy free speech. Neejar is a true paki ‘dick tracy’, dumber than a rock, can’t count to First, a domestic enemy of the Constitution, a terrorist. He probably has a custom tailored suicide vest in his closet; a clear & present danger to all. Blog has no mercy for folks like Neejar, abusing official office, betraying public trust, in destruction of liberty, in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Who is the criminal now?

Blog aficionados chuckle that USMJ Robert Spector, a blog star in his own right, issues taps, warrants, sealing orders on request of Neejar’s terrorism. No evidence of a crime presented, just Shakespeare quotes from posts. Read Neejar’s blither here. The case is now unsealed, all Patriots to see how US Government and state gestapo conspire in deprivation of rights, a felony under federal law 18 USC §241. Margaret Donovan, Neejar Patel, Ron Offutt, Samantha McCord, all working together hunting free speech, acting to chill expression, extinguish the essence of self-rule, to the detriment of a free people. Blog legal department observes Neejar never presents the ABOUT page to Spector, dummies guide to free speech case law, defending every word of Blog. Neejar intentionally withholds such public information from Spector; hunt directed by Joette Katz, a synagogue pal of jew boy Spector … all a set up, Neejar just playing the stooge, selling out his country, and his soul for a few shekels and a pat on the head by kikes; poor pathetic Neejar, maybe it is time for a suicide vest fitting.

When government agents claim Shakespeare quotes are criminal speech, the Second Amendment proves its purpose. A conspiracy of USDOJ, federal court, nutmeg donut whores, nasty kike cunt, shredding First Amendment, it is unlikely courts are  proper venues for redress of grievances. Sad state of affairs, the Republic falters, evil black robes, rot is deep. Patriot’s call for life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it.

Editor’s Note: Standard Blog disclaimer applies; can’t make this shit up!

Blog connects the jewish dots, Katz to Spector, duh! First Amendment shredded.