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40 Years Threatened

The now-famous Blog of the worst kind notes famous blog star Jewette Katz preaches from her anti-semitic bully pulpit, claiming she has been THREATENED for forty years. Oi vey! Does this self-absorbed retard ever listen to what comes out of her kosher mouth? The Zyklon poisoning of her six-million cousins disabled her brain’s logic center, unable to grasp protected goy speak under the U.S. Constitution, an annoyance to all things jewish, including the Holohoax. Blog star Jewette takes the stage at ADL’s kike convention in NYC to bitch and moan jews are unloved, have a long history of being unloved, and it is all goy fault. Her presentation is hilarious, but in a tragic, sad sort of way. Leveraging Law To Combat AntiSemitism is a hour of kike kvetching about jewish culture that pretty much pisses off the entire world. A self-chosen group of misfits with their private country, home to oppressed, victimized, vulnerable, class of old testament miscreants, claiming superiority over goy; bitching because no one loves them, so sad. Jews get no respect under goy law, no concern for their oppression! Oi vey. Jews claim five aspirations for U.S. law:  legal equality, freedom from antisemitism, freedom from state supported Christian supremacy, human rights for persecuted jews abroad, respect for collective rights of the jewish people; U.S. law is not jewish enough! Jewette ran her mouth for 20 minutes, blithering about SCOTUS cases that affirm free speech, trying to construct the jew concept of hate speech. Hate speech is truth and fact that jews hate. She is really quite stupid, as Blog aficionados are acutely aware. Jewette does not like Blog, but reads it religiously, affirming her oppressed jewish status. Remember, Jewette opined Blog’s criminal speech in the CT Law Tribune, venting her pent up anxiety over goy ridiculing the ridiculous, debating public issues, calling out jewdicial ideology, violation of constitutional rights. Blog is not free speech according to Justice Jewette, for which her jewish kvetching is meaningless under the First Amendment. Fuck off Jewette!

Specifics of Jewette’s bitching encompasses false claim of supreme court tenure providing magic sauce to condemn speech of non-jews. She fumbles thru her notes, rambling about speech, threats, anti-semitism, hate speech, trying to fabricate a legal claim that calling out kikes for being kikes is illegal, but concludes it is all First Amendment territory, a sacred realm of Patriots holding shot and dry powder of the Second Amendment. Jewette opens with a reminder that First Amendment protects speech she considers intellectually indefensible and morally obnoxious, ADL espouses robust protection for freedom of speech, but claims words can inflict pain and suffering upon vulnerable innocents, threaten physical safety of targeted persons, today there is a jewish struggle against HATE speech, extremist websites/cyber bullying, government intrusion into speech is un-American, right to free speech not absolute, it is a balance test, as is everything, court doctrine allows states to restrict expression, advocacy for harm restricted by public safety needs, ‘hate speech’ targets Jewette, ‘true threat’ not protected speech, pure hate speech is breach of peace, patently offensive and objectionable language, abusive language, all protected unless classified as ‘fighting words’, provoking imminent violent response, only serious expressions of intention to commit unlawful acts punishable, objective listener interpretation, reasonable listener interprets genuine threat vs protected speech, offensive/repugnant speech is free speech, words, just words with no action, no threats, words create injury, incite breach of peace, listener conduct controls, direct tendency to cause acts of violence by the listener, no social benefit in valueless words that breach peace, preventing immediate incitement of violence, no list of fighting words, circumstances control, reasonable speaker and addressee, personal offense to speech does not make it illegal, concern for hostility to free speech … blah, blah, blah.

Jewette whined over now-famous Blog, pontificating free speech, shifts to accuse Blog of criminal conduct, watch her funny remarks here, claiming pure political posts are ‘hate missives’ directed solely at her chosen-ness. Goy can’t know she lives at 233 Algonquin Rd, in Fairfield, ‘cuz her property records are chosen, a target for F35 smartbombs to eliminate domestic terrorists who cannot apply strict scrutiny. Jewette is a nutjob! Self-appointed victim of pure protected political speech, which she HATES, twisting criminal aspect of ‘breach of peace’ to self-incitement of bodily harm. Oi vey, only jewish logic can create a legal concept that irrational kike response creates restriction of expression. For all of Jewette’s legal argle bargle, she omits SCOTUS ruling that hate speech is free speech, court does not care about kike reactions. Justice Alito of SCOTUS sez:

Speech  that  demeans  on  the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast  of  our  free  speech  jurisprudence  is  that  we  protect  the freedom  to  express  ‘the  thought  that  we  hate’.  Matal v Tam.

Hate is First Amendment protected, hating jewdiciary of family court is a right, expressing such discontent is immune from government regulation, hating niggers, jews, fags, paedophiles of a state court system is a fundamental liberty, advocating use of Second Amendment to protect the First from kikes like Jewette, niggers like Robinson, fags like McDonald, child predators like Bright, and other black robed miscreants is protected expression, the essence of self-rule, denial of redress only incites a free people to take up arms against tyranny, headless black robed floaters, rafting down the Connecticut River is the result of a government that cannot serve a sovereign people, child abuse notwithstanding.

Editor’s Note:  Blog staff is constantly amused by Jewette’s kvetching, efforts to chill expression, like she is chosen or something, the comedy is an American tragedy, may she soon meet a state snow plow, the world will be a better place without her.

Katz hates Blog, First Amendment does not care.