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Fundamental Right

The Connecticut family court declares children hold fundamental liberty interests in relationship with parents. The Hartford Family Court ruled such in Reich v Reich, ruling children hold constitutionally protected fundamental rights to hug a parent. The court finally recognizes that SCOTUS exists, acknowledging two decade old ruling of Troxel stating parent-child relationships are constitutionally protected. Has a new dawn broken in Connecticut? Have jewish edicts been purged from the courts? Has the Constitution been recognized? Of course not! Childhood rape continues under jewish control, rights do not matter, constitutional principles do not matter, billable hours and shekels are all that matter to Alex Cuda’s band of child predators, known as the family bar association, the formal collection of the most intellectually incompetent, minor attracted persons ever to enter a courtroom. Paedos all.

The now-famous worst Blog, examines the un-equal protection of children in the jewish cesspool of family court. At Hartford, children hold fundamental rights to a parental relationship, but in the Middletown, Bridgeport, Waterbury courthouses, children have no such right. Blog anxiously awaits Jewette Katz to opine on child rights and un-equal protection of the rabbinical courts. Jewette will explain the dichotomy of nigger boy Robinson’s jewdicial terrorism and its JUST CAUSE. Why do jew judges Adelman and Grossman not recognize the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer to hug their mother? Why do child rights vary across judicial districts in defiance of equal protection? Another example of jewdicial discretion voiding goy law when pederasty is involved? The right is ignored by Judge Thomas Moukawsher with deprivation of child fundamental rights before him; all he could do was disbar the advocate for suggesting the jews work together in derogation of said right. Jewish you say?

Jew Judge Antonio Truglia has the Ambrose case before him, can he not see the violation of child rights? He rules in favor of child isolation because he is a jew, who must play along with other jews like Grossman, Caverly, Hurwitz, Aldrich, Adelman to enforce talmudic edicts to abuse goy kids who have rights in Hartford, but not in Bridgeport. Would not an impartial judicial authority appoint counsel for Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer to protect their FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS to hug mother? Just proves that Truglia is a jew, not impartial, not worthy of the robe, un-American, deserving of a .50 cal to the head … or standard .308 ball, on aim of nightscope, from concealment in the bushes, the Remington doctrine of separating cranium from corpus juris is in the best interests of children, Patriot’s broad discretion of calibre in defense of liberty, eliminating domestic terrorists, shall not be infringed. Sic semper tyrannis.

Judge Robert Nastri rules children have fundamental rights to hug parents, soon to be beaten by a jewish mob of lawyers for defeating the game of conflict for shekels.