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The mark of the jew is implanted on the bench of Bridgeport family court, Judge Antoni Truglia, the anti-christ presiding. Today the son of Satan ruled that mother’s pleadings to hug her kids are FRIVOLOUS, that her heinous disregard for the power of discretion renders her need to appeal Judge Adelman’s child isolation orders meritless. The penniless mother will not be granted a fee waiver to pay for thousands of pages of transcripts, as it is a WASTE of court funds to allow an abused citizen to appeal the draconian orders of the family court, constitutional trespass be damned!

Blog can’t make this shit up! The JEW has ruled whining mothers separated from their kids are frivolous annoyances to a court system that rules with absolute jewdicial discretion to destroy mother-child bonds. Childhood rape just part of jewish best interest for goy calves. Remember that Judge Nastri ruled children have FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to hug their mothers, in Hartford, but Truglia is the head JEW in the armpit of Bridgeport where children have no rights, just sex toys to be caged by paedo daddy Christopher Ambrose. Truglia cannot allow the rulings of fellow jews Grossman, Adelman be challenged before a panel of three stooges of the appellate court, as the competence of jews Dr. Caverly and GAL Hurwitz might be questioned. Easier for jew boy Truglia to deny mother’s access to the court, call her crazy by jew diagnosis, dismiss motions for cause of an uncrossed letter T or undotted letter i or some other rabbinical cause to prevent the court from addressing the deprivation of children’s rights or public policy. The jews are alive and well in Bridgeport, wreaking havoc upon the rule of law … another glorious day in court for the rule of the JEW!

What if the rabbinical court of paedophile loving, child raping jewdicial authority is forced to face the constitutional protections of the parent-child bond … oi vey, what would jew boy Truglia say? Jew judges do not recognize the goy CONSTITUTION? Will he catch the attention of Patriots? A bead of a .50 cal sniper rifle with a night scope?  .308?  F35 smart bombs, death rays from the space station?  Pair of .22 shorts in base of skull?  Children can only hope. 

Editor’s Note:  The jew game of mother abuse and childhood rape is profound, to protect the jewdiciary, poor folk are denied fee waiver on jewish excuses to protect the rabbinical court from appellate review.

Truglia rules from the talmud to the detriment of goy kids and their mothers, Grossman and Adelman fellow rats.