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Michael Reich

The now-famous Blog spotlights jewdicial abuse of Michael Reich of Avon, Connecticut, a target of the state paedo ring, toy of the evil family court, now denied summer vacation on the Cape by retarded jewdicial miscreant Judge Thomas Moukawsher, who fucks over childhood to generate shekels for his demonic footsoldiers, preying on family bank for legal fees. The jewish ideology of childhood rape and familial destruction plays large on the Reich family, a sexually deviant father, an abused mother and a psychologically destroyed son. Oi vey, another state sponsored rape of childhood, a story that will not end well.

This tragedy of jewdicial discretion has been going on for eleven years, fueled by court vultures devouring family bank of mom from Canton, dad from Avon, it is a financial feast. Dad is Stephen Reich, a sleazy realtor for ColdwellBanker, who has a documented history of inappropriate fondling of boy private parts, where Blog star GAL Sue ‘medicated‘ Cousineau conspires with paedo dad to conceal such sexual abuse from the court. Sue needs shekels to purchase her heavy duty anti-psychotic medication to keep herself functioning, Stephen has bank, the relationship is mutually beneficial. The case stats are appalling, over five hundred docket entries, a hit parade of pathetic judges:  Olear, Prestley, Suarez, Bozzuto, Albis, Adelman, Simon, Nastri, Connors, Diana, Taylor, and now before Moukawsher; the kid is fucked. Sleezeball attorney Rich Rochlin is riding the daddy gravy train, inflicting nothing but emotional distress on a child in demand for legal fees from his monstrous client Stephen Reich, who must prove his manliness by abusing his own son and attacking the mother. Man card revoked!

Public scrutiny on Judge Thomas Moukawsher who is handed the case after Judge Nasty Nastri fucked it up, ordering DCF to seize the child, take into state custody to perform a momectomy, severing protected mother-child bonds, as Nastri wants a piece of the kid’s ass too! Nastri violates the law, as he holds no power to direct the state to seize a kid while he lubes his dick. Nastri’s incompetence is kicked by AG in juvey court, the case bounces to Moukawsher who had destroyed the summer for Michael. Sue Cousineau is being replaced as GAL, given isolation of the son from his mother absent state interest is child abuse, the feds are snooping around Cousineau’s actions in covering up daddy’s sexual abuse of Michael. The kid wants to hug his mother, but so far Moukawsher keeps him isolated as prisoner of deviant father, a Connecticut specialty. Next is for ColdwellBanker’s attorneys to protect the brand from paedo tarnish.

Editor’s Note:  The jewdiciary works tirelessly to conceal childhood rape in the public forum of Superior Court, a talmudic edict excluding the sovereign from viewing jewdicial rape of childhood under color of dissolution law, while CJ Richard Robinson cowers in chambers, fearing a noose for war against the Constitution.

Trio of mother haters, child rapists, a Connecticut delicacy.