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Nutmeg Niggers & ‘Spics

The now-famous Blog takes aim at pigment politics of Connecticut General Assembly’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus for bill introduction by Waterbury ‘spic Geraldo Reyes, whining over jewish judges ripping families apart in guise of best talmudic interests for goy kids. Reyes claims state severing of parent-child bonds is a bad thing, which should be illegal. The dumb ‘spic can’t write a cohesive sentence, here is his proposed ‘legislation‘:

That section 46b-56a of the general statutes be amended to require that when a court orders joint custody of a minor child, the court shall also order that the parents of the minor child have equal parenting time with the child, unless there is evidence before the court that shared parenting time is not in the best interests of the child.

What the fuck is this retard mulatto, inbred, illegal alien doing? His black/brown ignorant ass does not understand broad jewdicial discretion is the absolute power of raping childhood in family court. What evidence exists that parenting time is not in the best interest of the child? Maybe poor black children should not know daddy, locked up for life for drive by shooting, dealing crack, rapin’ momma? ‘Spic boy Reyes lacks understanding of constitutional law, where a parent can only be stripped of custody by state petition for child protection. He is fucking clueless; proposed bill is word salad, grandstanding, designed to fail, demonstrating complete ignorance of retarded black & tan legislators from armpits of Connecticut. What is more frightful is ignorance of existing state law requiring ‘active and consistent involvement of both parents’ regardless of custody arrangements, passed in 2005, ignored by courts since enactment. Oi vey, niggers & ‘spics don’t get it! Jews of family court ignore laws already on the books, why add another? The jewish yeshiva eschews SCOTUS opinion of constitutionally protected parent-child bonds requiring strict scrutiny to disturb … but not for black robed nutmeg jews, no scrutiny applies, just jewdicial discretion, well beyond legislative control, ignoring sovereign powers. The only law a jew judge might observe is law of gravity when F35 smart bombs fall on a courthouse, obliterating a chamber full of kikes, perhaps law of momentum when belt-fed ammo perforates a courtroom with freedom seeds, otherwise state statutes are irrelevant to the jew.

Blog comedy department asks ‘spic Reyes where does the legislature go to enforce laws enacted by the Governor … to court?

Newsflash to the ignorant ‘leader’ of the racist caucus: Discretion of a jew judge is absolute law in family court, there is no appellate recourse for severing parent-child bonds. White boy Judge William Bright runs a court protecting jewdicial childhood rape, familial destruction, infliction emotional distress … just what jews mete out to goy. No niggerish  Waterbury clown gonna change life in the gulag, claiming affliction of minority kids; jews fuck over any kid, don’t give a shit about skin color, state paedo ring will fuck anything without pubic hair. Judge Bright paid to protect it all … goy kids don’t matter, neither do their four legged mothers.

Reyes can read SCOTUS ruling on fundamental liberty interests, constitutional protections here. Can read existing state law 46b-56(b) on ‘active and consistent’ involvement here. He can wonder why the brakes on his car suddenly fail, as he is calling attention to jews of family court and paedos they protect. Reyes’ bill is going to JEWDICIARY committee where puppets Gary Holder, Steve Stafstrom, John Kissell will ensure it dies, as all other efforts to force family court to follow the law. Jews will not be bridled by legislation, there is too much money to lose and too many kids to rape. Connecticut is the jewish paedo capitol of ‘murika; not gonna change without dry powder and shot of the Second Amendment.

Blog proposed wording:

Jewish ideology of familial destruction is outlawed, parent-child bonds cannot be disturbed by administrative action of ‘no-fault’ divorce, regulation of marriage is unconstitutional, familial intrusion unreasonable, parental character assassination under guise of best interest is jewdicial criminal conduct, fighting over children is un-American; absent petition by the state, Superior Court lacks jurisdiction to strip custody, jewdicial discretion violates 14th Amendment protections of parental fundamental liberties; parens patriae powers are held by the sovereign, not jew judges.

Editor’s Note: Grandstanding on niggardly proposals lacking legal merit is just minority par for the course of representatives who cannot grasp constitutional construction, jews rule Reyes, he is a puppet. All family court judges are white.


‘Spics and Niggers introduce a bill to be ignored by jews of family court, not that Stafstrom, Holder or Kissel will let it out of committee … jews rule the gulag.

Jews and paedophiles of family court will not allow niggers & ‘spics to limit discretion to rape childhood, not in gulag Corrupticut, where the Constitution does not even apply.

Of greater stupidity is pathetic opinion piece in The Register Citizen claiming minority kids are hurt by jewdicial discretion of family court. Clowns Sean Allen, Martin Kulldorff and Juliana Ribeiro, three blind mice of no legal training, play a race card to talk around the constitutional failure of jews in black robes, supported by kikes of jewdiciary committee in destruction of familial bonds to the tune of jewish ideology and cash for jew lawyers. It’s jewish, no one else separates children from mother, just kikes. The word salad is tragic … shared parenting … like what the fuck is that? Parents are parents, nothing to share, being a parent does not change because of un-marriage. But jews play goy on altar of sacrifice, strip four legged animals of all humanity, a jewish delicacy, chosen ideology to rule over all sub humans. But Allen, Kulldorff and Ribeiro think it is about race; minority kids hurt more than white kids by jews of family court … clueless fucks they are.