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Truglia Predator

The now-famous Blog spotlights Judge Anthoni Truglia, Jr. a monster in a black robe, lacking intellect, preying on children for deviant joy, the effects of kosher blood in his family tree. Truglia is a pedophile, a clown judge, relegated to family court with the scum of jewdicial scum. He is now Presiding Judge of family in the armpit of Bridgeport. Truglia’s latest abuse of office is to favor predator David Rookasin’s psychosis of obsessive need to malign the mother of his two daughters. There is an emergency requiring ex parte sole custody order of Gabrielle Rookasin, on complaint of a pedo dad. Truglia loves abusing mothers from his bully pulpit of the court bench, like he gets off hurting mothers and children; his personal devotion to Kundry. (Truglia is a jew)

Normal folk question why father David Rookasin has need to isolate children from mother. The usual pedo players appear in his divorce: Lisa Knopf, Janis Laliberte, Jessica Caverly. Jew judge hit parade: Grossman, Gould, even the pedo dyke Judge Maureen Murphy had a hand in raping childhood of Sabrina and Gabrielle. David Rookasin can’t just be divorced, he must do everything possible to destroy his children and his ex-wife. Given the pedo support, one can only guess why Truglia is so willing to expend court time in further mother abuse, now four years after divorce; hinting child sexual abuse and money at hand. Truglia issued an emergency ex-parte order of sole custody for Gabrielle on complaint of nut job father because the internet exists in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Mom has not seen her daughter in four years, but this week it is David’s emergency! Father has worked diligently for the last four years to cultivated daughters’ hatred of mother, ensuring the dysfunctional family suffocates under the weight of father’s obsessive persecution of mother. Another classic dystopian court drama being played out in full public view where Truglia’s own deviant addictions, and jewdicial incompetence pass for justice in the cesspool of Connecticut; straight outta the talmud!

Recordings of Truglia’s last hearing with mom and dad show that this jewdicial nut job does not recognize the First Amendment. He does not care that Gabrielle has been in therapy for four years with no measure of efficacy or reason for excessive medication. He opposes the sovereign public discussing jewdicial discretion applied in the rape of childhood under the color of state dissolution law. Like court is not a public forum? Truglia is so demented he does not read law or limit his recklessness. He is chosen, he is above the law, he ignores civil rights, he maligns mothers, he keeps Gabrielle medicated and isolated from her mother. Nothing like childhood damage to permanently scar the psyche to induce adult suicide. Jews know exactly what they are doing in the name of best interests. Truglia is a jew.

Of great interest in the Rookasin case is that Gabrielle has been in REUNIFICATION THERAPY for the last four years, with not a single hug from mom. Ditzy self-described therapist Ashely O’Connor has been ‘treating’ Gabrielle for years, with nothing but cash from dad to show for it. Daddy conditions daughters to hate mother, being child abuse under federal law; just another beautiful day in Connecticut. David Rookasin is a certified child abuser, but Truglia ignores constitutional protections of mother-child bonds, pours on some jewdicial sauce to blame mother for global warming; issues ex-parte order for an fabricated EMERGENCY. Mother and father Rookasin are summoned before the unholy bench on 25 April at 9.30am for all to see. Bring popcorn, watch the jewish spectacle of childhood rape continue in best interest of the talmud.

The purpose of the Second Amendment becomes clear when judges go rogue, robbing society of due process, raping childhood, in pretense of law. A sovereign people with bare arms, dry powder, .308 ball ammo, and nightscopes will protect children from rape by the family court. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it.

Judge Anthony Truglia is a call to arms for Patriots to protect children.

Editor’s Note: David Rookasin also filed a civil suit against his ex wife claiming he has been defamed. A motion to dismiss is set for 16 June at 2pm before Kamp,J in New Haven.

Ashley O’Connor, a state licensed quack has been providing REUNIFICATION THERAPY to Gabrielle Rookasin for many years, still no hugs with mom. Quackery in full public view, promoted by jewdicial discretion. She has her own lawyer now: John Sheehy
Freedom seeds even come in black for that special someone