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Nasty Nastri

Another paedo case out of Hartford Family Court! A financial feast! Dad is good, mom is bad, son is molested by dad, mom is still bad, son hates dad, therapists, lawyers, guardians, DCF, mom is bad, dad has money, mom is really bad. The gravy train of Reich v Reich is in its tenth year of post-judgment litigation. Daddy has admitted to ‘playing’ with son Michael’s penis and other parts, proving mom right, exposing a deviant GAL paid to protect predatory daddy. But daddy has money, so Judge Nastri takes the kid away from mom! But dad is a child molester, so now child Michael belongs to the State of Connecticut, custody of DCF, foster care, where the kid is really gonna get fucked! Blog star GAL Sue Cousineau has been outed for protecting paedo dad, tossing her ward under the paedo bus for a few shekels. Mothers who can spot paedo behaviour are villains in family court, it is stated in the bench book, read it for yourself. The case stats are nauseating: 500 docket entries, 3550 days of litigation, parade of lawyers, motions, mods, evals, orders. Judge Nastri has been on it for the last two and a half years, prior to that the usual gaggle of judicial incompetents: Diana, Connors, Olear, Simón, Prestley, Bozzuto, Suarez, Adelman, Albis. A hit parade of paedo protectors: Dr. Sidney Horowitz, Dr. Stephen Humphrey, Dr. Linda Smith, GAL Sue Cousineau for last four years, Mary Bergamini before that. Dad lawyers Sharon Friel and Rich Rochlin. Paedo dream team to the defense of daddy Stephen Reich of Avon, a full service realtor of Caldwell Banker! The grand unbridled discretion of Judge Nastri has determined minor child Michael Guiliano-Reich of Canton is a victim of sexual abuse by penetration of dad, suffers from having a protective mother, therefore must be taken into foster care by the State!!! Another mother-child bond broken by the child trafficking court, jewdicial discretion applied.

Of curious note, the Nasty Nastri claims “Michael has a fundamental right to a relationship with his father.” p.32. Kids have rights in family court? What about Mia, Matthew, Sawyer? No fundamental right in Judge Adelman’s court. Only when paedo dick needs access to boy ass does the family court confer ‘fundamental rights’ on the kids otherwise it is best interest for separations. Jewish paedo law of word salad in full public view.

True to jewish form, Judge Nastri orders the kid sex toy to INTENSIVE THERAPY with daddy dick as recommended by Dr. Strangemind Humphrey, PhD for more Orwellian mind control, DCF must ‘foster and facilitate’ the reprogramming, no contact with mother, mission of DCF to make the kid like daddy’s dick in his ass; a jewish delicacy.

The Reich case goes from divorce court to juvey before Judge Barry Stevens in protection of a sexually abused child by daddy Stephen Reich, with GAL Sue Cousineau looking out for the sex toy, who now battles it out with court appointed AMC for the kid, who does not want to live with his dad. Oi vey, when the jews put on a show it is high drama at a high price. For added drama, Judge Nasty Nastri sealed his decision of sexual abuse from public scrutiny!! Read complete nasty Nastri drama decision here. American jurisprudence abhors secretive tribunals, courts are public domains, Blog sees all.

Another public service advisory exposing corrupt judges who traffic children of Connecticut, malign mothers, destroy families, plunder bank, rape childhood … all a jewish delicacy holding no cause in law.

Editor’s Note: GAL Sue Cousineau was aware of the sexual abuse by dad, but concealed it from the court, serving with absolute immunity, daddy having money,  just a gravy train for Cousineau. Curious why Judge Nastri did not refer her to disciplinary counsel or invoke summary disbarment; jewdicial pets are protected by paedo judges like Nastri.