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Rodriguez at it again!

The slimy ‘spic of Bridgeport, Judge Eddie Rodriguez, the elder paedophile protector, puppet of the ring, slave to the jewdiciary does it again, he has slammed mom with a one year extension to his illegal restraining order issued in April.  Evil Rodriguez ensures Little Leo Tiberi will not hug his mom for another year, the signature mark of Satan’s paedos is child isolation from mother, not rational human behaviour, just jewish destruction of mother child bonds thru extended isolation, inducing irreversible psychological harm. Rodriguez the ‘spic does not care that Judge Nastri recognizes ‘fundamental rights‘ of children to hug mothers, as stated by SCOTUS in Troxel, over two decades ago. No equal protection exists between Hartford JD, and the cesspool of Bridgeport, under the guidance of Judge Thomas Welch. Judges are trained to destroy mothers, isolate children, rob as much money as possible for the conspiring lawyers. Jew girl Lisa Knopf, knows what is best for her wallet, catering to paedos like Frank Tiberi’s perverted desire to cut Little Leo’s mom out of his life, ensuring kid wil grow up thinking a deviant father is normal and learn to like butthurt.  Little Leo will be eight and a half years old before the order expires, missing holidays, no Christmas, no birthday.  Animal cruelty is a crime, but cruelty to kids is just ‘best interests’.  A jewish delicacy.

Rodriguez issued a §46b-15, relief from physical abuse restraining order, after ruling Frank Tiberi is not subject to physical threat or harm from the very petite mother of his child, Frank outweighs mom by over 120 lbs.  In true paedo fashion the jewdicial authority ignores law, states on record:  no proper complaint by Frank, but states he will do something UNUSUAL by issuing the restraint in defiance of due process, in abandon of rule of law, in total fuckkery of mother, because Rodriguez is part of the Connecticut paedophile ring, designed to isolate young playtoys from mothers so that they can be properly groomed to satisfy the deviants of the state … inventory is running low, Little Leo’s ass is needed.

Here is the transcript of Frank Tiberi pleading that he is in fear of a petite female, includes Rodriguez’s finding there is no physical threat, a required element to issue, includes Rodriguez’s ruling to violate the law, by doing something UNUSUAL.  Here is Frank’s sworn affidavit claiming relief from physical abuse by petite lady, which cites nothing physical.  Here is the new restraining order, ensuring no mom hugs for Little Leo.  Kid just a victim of deviancy, unprotected by law, with no ‘fundamental rights’ to mom hugs, because of a deviant dad, his jewish lawyer, and a paedo judge who cannot apply the law.  Big dumb nigger CJ Robinson does nothing to ensure justice in the Branch, he just one blackface jew puppet, and he knows it.

Does Rodriguez,J beg a societal response for acting outside the rule of law?  Does Rodriguez think no one is watching?  That state supreme court case law of Kennedy v Putnam not apply?  That he is special? Chosen? Above the law?  Wonder if he thinks he can fly from the top of the courthouse?  Does a body bounce on sidewalk from ten stories?  Does jewdicial discretion defeat gravity? Do sovereign people have cause to uphold ‘fundamental rights’ of children to hug their mothers?  Does the Second Amendment preserve this right, where Rodriguez, Grossman, Adelman, Heller, Wetstone, Emons have trampled it?  What power does the sovereign hold to remedy these ills?  .50 cal recoil?  If the court is the alternative to violence, does Rodriguez beg violence when the court fails?  Trafficking children in denial of due process under suspension of law, UNUSUAL terrorism, certainly arouses the interest of Patriots, as a well-armed, well-regulated parental militia, necessary for the protection of children, the right to rifles and nightscopes cannot be infringed, the children depend on it.


Dr. Frank Tiberi