Jewish Conscience

The jews of family court are at it again. The King Jew of New York’s Fourth Judicial District, Head Pedophile Klansman of Elizabethtown in Essex County has introduced a new Talmudic standard in family court. As aborting babies during delivery does not shock the jewish conscience of New York’s ruling elite, neither does isolating a child from a parent. No state interest required, the jews of New York hold no limits of human indecency. But then, jews are not humans and New York is a puppet state to the chosen ones.

Judge Richard Meyer is a jew. He rules by his personal beliefs. He ignores case law and spits on the justices of the appellate court. He holds personal distaste for Justice Paul Yesawich, to whom he bellows his dislike from the bench. Note that Meyer is a jew and Yesawich is not. No rule of law, just Meyer thumping his bench with the Talmud in complete abandonment of judicial responsibility. The King Jew has ruled that isolation of a child from a parent for no cause stated does not ‘shock the conscience’. More specifically, does not shock a jewish conscience. Jews love to destroy Christian family units. Anything to undermine Christian beliefs. It is Kundry’s revenge. Jew Meyer creates his own standard of parent child visitation, displacing over fifty years of state case law. Who needs case law when the judge is a Jew? The Constitution does not apply to this mentally defective jewdicial authority.

Meyer’s new ‘shock’ standard is just legal argle bargle and evidence of a defective mind. He does not consider destruction of a parent-child bond to ‘shock the jewish conscience’. What he is trying to emulate is a very old failed legal concept from 1952, found in SCOTUS ruling of Rochin v California. In simple terms, something that shocks the conscience must be unconstitutional. The shock of something like isolating a child from a parent is manifestly and grossly unjust in the modern world, a world of humans, a Christian world; but not to Meyer. The legal concept of ‘shock’ is in application of due process under the Fourteenth Amendment. Why Meyer applies this concept to a visitation matter in family court is just pure jewery. Citing no due process, criminal or statutory authority to deny a constitutionally protected right of a parent-child relationship, the Jew Meyer resorts to Orwellian doublespeak and a serving of word salad in a vain attempt to cloak his Talmudic ruling in a Christian society. He tries to state that the abuse of the child does not shock his conscience so it will continue; which is not the standard of family law anywhere but in the rabbinical court of Meyer the jew. This jew is a terrorist in a black robe, undermining the rule of law and furthering his private Zionist agenda to wreak havoc on society. If it does not shock a jew, then it is legal…completely un-American.

New York State has very settled case law regarding visitation. In Katz v Katz, denial of visitation in a divorce matter has a due process requirement specifying a showing of harm of the child. Meaning that the state holds only parens patriae powers to deny visitation in protection of the child. There is no ‘shock’ test applicable to the constitutionally protected parent-child bond. Jew Judge Meyer ignores state policy further in his disdain for the opinion of Yesawich, J. in Turner v Turner, which rules any interference in the parent-child relationship is ‘inimical’ to the best interests of the child, even by a judge. Christians know this from the Fourth Commandment. Jews like Meyer prefer to separate the four legged gentiles from their calves, while urinating on the Christian concept of family. Anything to upset an enlightened society. Jews like Meyer never submit to the rule of the state; they are there to fuck up the life of gentiles, which Meyer executes an excellent job for his Zionistic masters.

Again, we spotlight a rabbinical court, masquerading under the Constitution, acting in defiance of the law, while using state and federal funds. A malicious and systematic deprivation of rights carried out by a state employee who fails his sworn job function. Just another day in the jewish realm of family court. No law, just jewery.

But God willing, karma will catch up with this child predator. A poorly maintained state snow plow, an errant deer hunter, a bolt of lighting or just a good slip on the ice and a bump on the head, may properly remedy the misconduct of Meyer. Hell holds a special place for him. But the only thing worse than a jew on the family bench is a dyke on the appellate bench. As for judicial oversight of such a monster, there is little hope that the dyke Liz Garry will do anything but turn up the speed on her vibrator and waive the rainbow flag, approving another family court matter that executes the Zionist agenda. After all, the fetus butchering Governor Cuomo put Liz on the bench, but not to protect children.

When the courts fail to uphold the Constitution, the people hold special interest in the Second Amendment. After all, God made guns, for tyranny is not fought with compassion and understanding; it is checked with the due process of dry powder and lead shot.

The only thing to shock the conscience is why society allows a jackass jew like Meyer to sit on the bench and shred the Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that the court is the alternative to violence; does Meyer beg for violence?

King Jew Judge Richard Blair Meyer, Essex County, NY.
Chief Dyke of Third Department. Liz Garry can’t see civil rights deprivations when it walks into her court. Dykes and Jews are peas in the pod when it comes to family court and jewdicial abuse.
Karma plow with Richard Meyer’s name on it!
The tree of liberty thirsts for the blood of jewdicial tyrants.
Tyranny begs dry power, lead shot and the aim of patriots.