Lawyer Collusion

The full public view of the drama of family court reveals lawyer games which can only be equated to a drama of soap opera proportions. The now famous blog exposes the tricks of so called legal professionals who represent parents before the bench for the overly simple task of obtaining a no-fault divorce. The play along of the jewdicial authority confirms that the scam is executed for the sole enrichment of jewish lawyers engaged in artificial custody fights to traffic children.

The case is Epstein v Epstein, on of the expensive side of New York City. The drama stars a mentally defective father, with money, requiring heavy doses of lithium, represented by jew lawyer Karin Lundell; next is a protective mother, who is a medical doctor; then the young daughter named Abby; finally a nut job of a jew judge, the notorious mother-hating Matthew F. Cooper. The latest twist in the drama is that the bitch Karin Lundell got her jew pal at Attorney Edward Gilbert, a partner at Morrison Cohen LLP, to pen a letter on behalf of the Birch Lenox School, to malign mother. Karin who was previously an under-the-desk partner at Morrison Cohen has a history on her knees, providing special legal lip services to fellow legal dicks, she can also bend over a bench and drop her briefs for client advantage, a true full service lawyer.

The lawyer scam of co-ordinated character assassination for the sole purpose of executing a ‘momectomy’ to the harm of a minor child, played out before the bench, is a complete violation of rules of professional conduct which exposes judicial misconduct for allowing a court of law to become a daytime soap opera. All financial gain of the lawyers extends from the jewdicial ruling of Satan’s brother Judge Cooper to isolate the child from the mother. Only a jew can come up with a ‘legal’ cause to separate the calf from its four-legged mother. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, mother-child bonds are protected under the Fourth Amendment where the discretion of a mother-hating psychotic jew in a black robe is not the due process of the sovereign required to disturb said bonds under the Fifth. Only a jew thinks that the unbridled discretion of mother-hating judge is law.

As the trickery of the legal players in the Epstein case is far beyond the practice of law, the jewdicial authority makes a mockery of constitutional protections, inciting imminent lawless action. Is it time for the Second Amendment to rise up for its true purpose of protection of rights and the proper dispatch of tyranny? Does the jewdiciary beg a .50 cal to the head? Is the report of a rifle the only remedy left for the sovereign people to re-establish a rule of law, to purge courts of charlatans, tyrants, child traffickers, and racketeers? What remedy other than exploding powder and flying shot remains for the sovereign people? A peaceful assembly? A petition? Letters to representatives? Calls to Jeffery Dinowitz and his stooges of the judiciary committee? All avenues previously exhausted, only bullets remain.

The judiciary begs the people’s wrath. Are black robes bullet proof? Will freedom seeds pierce the jewdicial veil in dispatch of the tyrants who abuse children in the name of legal fees? Are the pedophiles of the family court immune from lead poisoning? Is .308 ball ammunition an effective vaccine against pedophilia and child trafficking? Does gunfire deter unconstitutional behavior?

Of legal and ballistic curiosity, how much ammo is needed, how much jewdicial blood required to refresh the tree of liberty, before the courts recognize that parent-child bonds cannot be disturbed incidental to issuing a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce?

NY Courts beg for the refreshment of the tree of liberty.