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Cesspool Swirl: CT Judicial Assignments

It is that time of year again, musical chairs in the Connecticut judiciary.  The new assignment list is out.  There are some surprises and some surprises.  Looks like the new Chief Justice, Richard Robinson is making some changes.  Let’s examine how the black man in the black robe is cleaning up the jewish stains on family court.

Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, the dyke on the byke, deviant miscreant head of family court is dethroned.  No court needs such an incompetent judge, so she has been given the desk job of Deputy Administrator under Judge Carroll.  (sorry Pat, no blow jobs for you, she does not do dick).

Bozzuto is displacing King Jew Judge Elliot Solomon, the self proclaimed Zionistic Master of all things evil of Connecticut Family Court.  This jewish stain is being kept off the bench and put in a laughable position at the Family Mediation Center at 95 Washington.  Rather ironic that the chief jewish architect of the nastiest family court in the land, designed to promote conflict and generate legal fees is being paid by the taxpayer to amicably resolve divorce matters outside of the evil court.  Needless to say, Solomon and Bozzuto have been shit-canned so they can’t do any more damage to the integrity of the judiciary.  Both oversaw the misconduct of Judge Jane Emons for eight years, leading to the legislature’s necessity of firing her to uphold the integrity of the people’s court system.

Judge Michael Albis takes over the family court after only five years on the bench; nominated by Malloy in 2013.  Great hope is placed on him to clean up the mess.  Chief Justice Robinson, a black man, running the state judiciary has no desire to preside over a white jewish pedo controlled family court.  Getting the dyke and the jew out of the way will give Albis freedom to halt the child trafficking and family plundering.  Hopefully, he has full time body guards assigned as reform to the family court will bring out the knives of the Family Bar Association;  the larcenous mafia of financial vultures who prey on children and feed off family savings to pay for their BMWs.  If Albis is a real man, he will eliminate the lawyers’ scam of private pay GALs throughout the state, put an end to fabricated custody battles pitting mothers against fathers, using God’s gifts as weapons of litigation, designed solely to enrich members of the Bar.  It would be a fitting tribute to Baby Aaden, the poor brown kid, whose mother was thrown out of court by jew Judge Barry Pinkus as no lawyer could make a dime on poor folk.  Note this month is the third anniversary of the family court inspired murder of the young lad.  Family Court reform is way overdue.  Let’s see if Albis is man enough to protect the children. Or is he just another member of the state pedo ring?

Note that Judge Barry Pinkus, the jew responsible for the splash of seven month old Baby Aaden is no longer a judge in Connecticut, but sucks up a state pension for his misconduct.  The black mistake in the black robe, Judge Sybil Richards is out of family court, where she demonstrated that she can’t do a child support calculation.  The retarded black bitch is in civil court in New Haven.  The little jew family court lawyer, Barbara Aaron, has gone straight to family court to work alongside the deviant Maureen Murphy in New Haven Family Court.  Also sitting in New Haven is the Dark Lord himself, Judge Gerrard Adelman.  Funny the pairing of jews and the lesbians in this court.  Judge Tindill, PJ, will have her hands full with two jews and the famous dyke in chambers.  Look for child trafficking cases to be handled by this team.

Folks in New Britain are rejoicing as the evil, tit-less witch, Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone has been kicked off the family bench and relegated back to juvey.  She can no longer fan flames of conflict for lawyer fees or punish mothers by taking kids away.  She was kicked out of Judge Bright’s courthouse in Tolland for using children as weapons of punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment, but made it back to the family bench by the evil hand of Judge Bozzuto; now banished again.  Traffic court would really be the perfect bench for this cold hearted, money grabbing sister of the devil.

Why CJ Robinson keeps Patrick Carroll as Chief Administrative Judge is a mystery, he has his fingers in all the money flows through the judiciary and controls the contract kickback schemes.  Unless CJ Robinson is joined at the hip to this Connecticut crony, there is every reason to get rid of Carroll.  Something strange is going on here.  The presence of long retired crooked Judge Aaron Ment in the Administrators office is a telling clue that the old established network of judicial corruption remains entrenched in Corrupticut.  The old crooks hang around on the payroll to supervise the younger ones.  Judge Carroll should have been fired for misuse of office in pandering to the House Speaker to have a vote for his jewish sister Jane Emons.  Independent judiciary….not!!!

Of great concern is that CJ Robinson did not abolish the Family Court Star Chamber falsely titled Regional Family Trial Docket, located in Middletown.  The notoriously evil and very junior Judge Leo Diana remains assigned to this constitutionally infirm private court.  Note that this Star Chamber was created by Judge Aaron Ment in August 1990, to allow the state pedo network to move cases out of proper judicial districts to a trusted judge who takes cash for decisions.  After three decades of private child trafficking, there are still no practice book rules for conduct of cases tried there.  A court so private that no one can hear the children scream.  Connecticut survived from 1788 to 1990 without such a Star Chamber, but now the pedos of today control of the judiciary, creating private courts.  Curious that such a special court is allowed in times of such budget problems, obviously a luxury only pedos can afford.

Of grave concern is the shadowy movement of the Dark Lord himself; Judge Gerrard Adelman moves from Hartford Family to the left hand of Lord in Waiting Judge Leo Diana in the Star Chamber.  This arrangement does give cause for concern that CJ Robinson has no control over the pedophiles and child traffickers who operate Family Court.  Corporate logic does not support a very junior judge handling special cases in the Star Chamber; smacks of corruption and trafficking.  Assignment of Dark Lord Adelman to the Chamber is frightening.  Note that Adelman was also immediately assigned to the Chamber when he became a judge, sitting at the left hand of Satan’s Sister, the evil Judge Lynda Munro, child trafficking queen of the State.

Hartford Family Court will remain the cesspool stewed by years of nutty judges, from Solomon’s Jewish wrath on; a long list human filth has ruled this bench.  Olear, Klatt and Prestley will keep up the pain, suffering, rape and pillaging by members of the Bar at 90 Washington.  Waterbury remains a notorious septic tank of judge-lawyer collusion, Judges Ficeto, Cutsumpas, Resha and Schofield remain the four evil horsemen of family apocalypse.  The local family Bar mafia has a lock on this operation, the money is just too good and the judges are just ripe for payoffs.  New Haven has the deviant miscreant child trafficker, pedo puppet Judge Maureen Murphy, the state’s mascot for inhuman behavior.  Windham JD Family Court welcomes the deviant fudge-packing homo black boy Judge Ernest Green.  Family Court remains a magnet for jews and sexual deviants.  After Judge Green destroyed the First Amendment while scoffing at case law presented by the Great Grey Ponytail, Attorney Norm Pattis, his reward is to victimize children in Windham.  Also interesting to note that the crooked Judge Omar Williams, the notorious black judge who signed the arrest warrant as a favor to the infamous Matthew Couloute in misuse of office for Couloute to hunt down and arrest his ex-white-wife, on felony charges that prosecutors had to drop because of judicial misconduct, remains encamped in Hartford Criminal.  Power and corruption has its privileges as does being black and an alum of the elite prosecutors’ club.  Bro’s before ho’s.

Great hopes may arise from the appointment of Judge Michael Albis to head the corrupt family court, but let’s face it, this is still Connecticut, leopards don’t change their spots, zebras have permanent stripes and the Family Court is run by the pedophile ring of the state.  If the brakes on Albis’s new car suddenly fail…you know he tried.

New head of Connecticut Family Court…reform or trafficking?

Dyke on the byke family court judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, child trafficker is out as head of Family Court.  The world is a better place.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler is tossed to mediation for family matters…Ironic.

Judge Patrick Carroll master crook, should be fired for misuse of office.

Evil Jew Dark Lord of Family Court Judge Adelman returns to the Star Chamber at RFTD.

Nigger buddy of Matthew Couloute, remains at Hartford criminal court doing favors for pedo brothers.

Ernest Green, Jr. jewdicial terrorist, sodomite, enemy of the people. Queer as fuck, now in Family Court…children are scared.

Judge Marylouise Schofield…keeping up the cash sales of judicial decisions in Waterbury.

Chief Justice Richard Robinson, executing reform or just another pedo puppet?

Baby Aaden victim of family court jews.  Poor and brown, no money for lawyers.