Search & Destroy

The Fourth Amendment must now be surrendered to obtain a ‘no-fault’ divorce in the State of Connecticut. In the star chamber of Judge Gerard Adelman of the family court, jewdicial discretion acts upon the unsuspecting goy to seize a mother’s computer for no legal purpose. Instead of a search warrant seeking fruits of a crime, the court calls it ‘discovery’, citing no due process.

The fifth day of the Ambrose trial spent hours arguing about the need to seize mom’s hard drive for a forensic search seeking evidence of a crime, where Adelman, J stated he would pursue criminal prosecution of mom through the State’s Attorney Office, if anything was found. But wait! Did Adelmonster suspend the Bill of Rights? Ignore mom’s right to be ‘secure in her person, house, papers, and effects’? Is seizing a hard drive as a condition of dissolving a marriage not an ‘unreasonable search and seizure’? Has this right been ‘violated’? Where is the ‘probable cause’, supported by sworn affidavit? Where is the ‘warrant’? Oh, right, this is the jewdicial discretion of jew boy Adelman who is prohibited by edicts of the Talmud from recognizing the Bill of Rights in Superior Court. Oi vey, what the jews will do to deprive rights, in plain sight of ‘We the people’, then mislabel the act as ‘discovery’, to be overseen by a ‘discovery master’ … another jewish foot soldier, executing the Talmudic orders of the Rabbinical Court.

The jews of family court conspire to defeat all forms of due process, deny rights, shred the Constitution, all in the name of character assassination to justify trafficking the kids and plundering family savings. The jewish search and destroy tag team is Attorney Nancy Aldrich, Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz, and the Dark Lord Adelman, himself. All jews, all despicable persons, all feigning a need to search a hard drive, before the State can issue a ‘no fault’ divorce.

What to do with this black robed, domestic enemy of the Constitution? Tar and feather? A Ninth Circuit .50 cal to the head? Fleas of a thousand camels to his armpits? Sniper shot from the Grassy Knoll? What other recourse do free people hold to check the imbalance of the terrorist on the bench? Complain to the Judicial Review Board? Not a chance. File an appeal, then wait two years for Judge ‘not so’ Bright to uphold ‘jewdicial discretion’? Pointless. Hope Adelman quickly succumbs to the wasting disease? There is no recourse. Tyrants rule the family bench; begging imminent lawless action.

Good news is that the whining, lying, crying excuse of a dad, Christopher Ambrose finished his five days of scripted testimony, claiming he has won the father of the year award, while maligning his bride of over fifteen years, proving she is the root of all evil, and is solely responsible for global warming. His ability to lie under oath is remarkable. He demands that the kids never hug their mother ever again. He falsely claims he is so good for his kids, they are so happy without their mother, and his forced isolation of them is just his special way of showing his love, along with inappropriate touching of private parts. A transcript of his testimony has been ordered; Netflix will use in an upcoming documentary on child abuse. But stay tuned, there are six more days of trial to empty the family savings accounts. Aldrich is charging $650/hr and GAL Hurwitz is getting $400/hr to sit and watch by order of Adelman, who will be collecting his share of the loot for dragging out the litigation.

No-fault divorce now turns on a hard drive
Does not apply in Adelmonster’s court.