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Ok sports fans, time to up the game. Judge Michael Albis has made criticism of family court a CRUSADE! Scary to read what these retarded judges write in their pathetic opinions of other people’s lives. But let’s face it, Judge Albis is an idiot, intellectually retarded with deviant mental deficiencies and he writes like a chicken.

The new standard of twisted family court logic passed down from Albis is that parental criticism of the most corrupt court in Connecticut is harmful to children. Children will be harmed to know that their parents are being robbed, their family destroyed, religious beliefs trampled all in the name of jewery and legal fees. The court does not want the kids to know that they are just scrapple to the jew legal monsters. College savings plundered to fatten the pigs of pedophilia of the family Bar. Best interest of the children demands that they not be aware of the evil that devours their future. People who do not respect the so called judgment of the twisted pedophiles in black robes will be maligned from the bench as ‘CRUSADERS’. We take a moment to reflect that citizens who come before the Talmudic bench where Albis sits are protected in their expressions by the First Amendment, the American right to say FUCK YOU to the jews who traffic children in family court. Kids can say fuck da judge too!!!!

Judge Albis made a point that Sara Taupier should not rejoice in the sudden death of jew lawyer Geraldine Ficarra, who sucked tens of thousands of dollars out of her college savings plan to accuse the father of causing her cavities. Sara and Gabriel should not be aware that the disgusting sloth filed to isolate them from their father…a very non-Christian game of the jews in family court. Sara and Gabriel should not be aware that their mother is funding all this abuse of their lives in the name of jewish family law for the gentiles. Albis does not want Sara and Gabriel to know that mom’s new lawyer, the evil Annie Dranginis, sells children and is such a good mom that her own daughter committed suicide. Really dealing with the A-Team! Albis does not want Sara and Gabriel to know any truth, or that their lives are being destroyed to the pleasure of court profiteers. He will even be upset to know that the kids can read his decision here.

Let’s expand Albis’ concept of CRUSADE to the legislature. Many, many elected representatives are not impressed with the Talumudic Solomonic conduct of the family court. Recently, not one member of the State House called for a confirmation vote for Jew Judge Jane Emons….not one! Is the General Assembly on a CRUSADE against family court, knocking off the judges one by one in the reappointment process? A stark contrast is that the leaders of the CRUSADE in the House are of Christian religious denominations and their target was a Jew. Has the family court become a battleground of good vs. evil? The Christians vs. Jews? Is judgment day near? Albis will isolate children from a Christian father who speaks ill of the Zionists’ agenda? The power of a constitutional court being usurped by the Chosen Ones to condemn elements of Christian teachings. Albis will tear a family apart, destroy parent child bonds, plunder the savings with glee to please the masters of Zionism. Note the family unit is a foundation of Christianity, the target of Zionism. Perhaps the knights of the crusade will caucus in the state house, then ride out in full armour to slay the evil in family court. Bring popcorn!!!!

The CRUSADE is upon family court, the gauntlet has been thrown by Judge Albis, Chief Judge of the child trafficking court, in the name of a Christian god, holy hell will be unleashed upon Albis and his pedo followers, the evil will fall, the Talmud be burned, the eyes of their King gouged out … nice biblical touch by Nebuchadnezzar. Albis has crossed the line by employing children in his quest to defend his evil court before the gentiles. Teaching gentile children of evil will destroy the jews of family court … the Talmud be damned! Christian parents will be protected by Knights of Cross from the scourge of Albis. Child victims no more! Bring lots of popcorn! Albis did not realize what he asked for!!!

Game on! Judge Albis begs a crusade upon the evils of family court, legions are coming!!!!

The Crusaders take on Judge Albis and his pedo pals.
Bring popcorn….slaughtering of evil is entertainment!
Sara and Gabriel shall not know the evil of family court by the Jews at hand.
Judge Michael Albis, begs for a crusade against family court!