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The bizarro world of Connecticut pedophilia goes up against the First Amendment in the recent Second Circuit ruling in Powell v Jones-Soderman. Amazing to see how even federal judges in D. Connecticut work to protect the state pedo ring, lest the world officially recognizes the State as the child rape capital of New England. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious about speaking ill of the pedophiles and their jew protectors. A typical child abuse drama played out in the misnamed ‘family’ court of Connecticut, Scott and Jane Powell go at it, while two little girls get dragged into the simple ‘no fault’ divorce, where allegations of sexual abuse against dad are magically ‘unsubstantiated’ by the pedo experts at Department of Children and Families under the jewish child trafficking of Joette Katz. Heard this all before. Kids are sexually abused, drugged, penetrated, trafficked, but mothers are victimized for exposing the pedo game, then duly crushed by the powers of the pedo state. The ‘now famous blog’ is replete with such stories. Even retired Judge Annie Dranginis threatened a mom with permanently losing her daughter, molested by Ryan McGuigan and Matthew Couloute, if mom pursued protection of the child. DCF, Children’s Hospital, Judge Ficeto, Bloomfield Police, all magically conclude that the Baby Dragon game of a white and black dick along with crotch rash is just a urinary infection. Oi vey, we all know how this sick game works. Just ask Jonathon Weigand … oh, forget that, he committed suicide, the consequence of being a sex toy whose abuser is protected by Connecticut jews in black robes.

The federal court exposes the fact that they too are in the pedo protection racket. The Powell daughters are molested by dad, but mom fails to prove it, as DCF said the kids are lying, so mom is bad, but when someone writes about the pedo play, the federal court finds ‘defamation’. How cute. Criticize the pedo game in Connecticut and the feds will hit you with a $100k fine for free speech. How pedo like!!!

Let’s examine the federal drama. First case goes before moron in black robe, federal magistrate (glorified clerk, not a real judge) Robert M. Spector, a local home grown pedophile right out of Yale, on a bench in New Haven, pedo capitol of Connecticut. Oi vey, the pedos are everywhere. Spector rules that when ‘we the people’ discuss a protected pedo in the Corrupticut court system, we are acting with malice and reckless disregard for false statements. Got that? A court system renowned for protecting child rapists cannot be openly criticized and that speaking ill of the accused, like Scott Powell is bad! C’mon, everyone knows O.J. killed Nicole!! USMJ Spector is putting out the word that his pedo pals will not be discussed by the peasants and those who do so will be fined $100k by his own pedo powers. Spector is under the thumb of the pedo ring and does exactly what he is told.

The pedo play give away by Spector is that the Connecticut Court, relying on all the pedo players, experts, like Dr. Frazer of Child Penetration Service, finds that Scott Powell was unlikely to have molested his daughters. Court never said he did not screw the kids, just that there was insufficient evidence. Like the world doesn’t know that any video of dad raping kids would be immediately dismissed by judges Ficeto, Berrall, Munro, Gordon, Adelman, Tindill. We have all seen that before, sua sponte photoshop ruling against a vindictive, unhinged mother, resulting in the kids being returned to pleasure the ring. Then the court finds mom to be a false accuser and sole custody goes to pedo dad. So routine. Like is Spector raping little boys in New Haven along with pals like Rabbi Greer? Does Spector not know why Maureen Murphy resigned rather than face ‘we the people’ in reappointment hearings? Did Spector even read the book ‘The Worst Interest of the Child’ Yep, Maureen Murphy and Lynda Munro trafficked that boy ass for his pedo father of the Liberti clan in New Haven. Maybe Spector is raping Max as well?

Note who is representing Scott Powell … the infamous John R. Williams, the ancient washed up, dirty old man who made a career of failing civil rights cases, right out of New Haven. Do Spector, Williams, and Powell share a common interest in little kids? Live in Rabbi Greer’s neighborhood, go to the same synagogue of pedophilia worship? A more amazing point of the defamation case is that the federal court relies completely on the State Court and that court’s expert …. fake doctor Eric Frazer. This is where the ‘now famous blog’ likes to play ‘connect the dots’. The pedo players are well known, so when a new one is spotted in Judge Erika Tindill’s courtroom, just look to see who they play nice with. Remember Tindill is a blog famous retarded black bitch who should not be on the bench. She does what pedos tell her to do. Frazer is a pal of Linda Smith, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Robert Horowitz, the jews at Connecticut Children’s Law Center, all the usual suspects who show up as experts when a child is being raped. Frazer is in the pedo ring, a forensic expert trained in a diploma mill in Puerto Rico, embraced by the sleaziest family court pedo players of the state. Profiling really does expose a lot about the pedo ring members, their MO is so standard, so obvious … only judges can ignore it.

No one believes Scott Powell is squeaky clean when he gets such charlatans to blow smoke in a courtroom. His employer even fired him. But now the Second Circuit upholds Spector’s fine for discussing Connecticut pedo games played out in open court. Pedos have reach. Circuit judges Jacobs, Bianco, Park disapprove of public discussion of how the pedo got away in Connecticut, calling it ‘defamation’, so slick, so obvious, so pedo, even the feds are into child molestation. Let’s face it folks, this is another ringer case. Powell did not come up with the cash to afford John Williams at $500/hr to obtain a $100k judgment and pursue the appeal, he lost money on this deal. The pedos lined the case up, paid for Williams, directed it to jew boy Spector, playing a pro se victim, to chip away at the First Amendment for the sole benefit of the state pedo ring. Silence the critics … a jewish game. The First Amendment protects societal discussion of corruption and miscarriages of justice played out in a public forum subject to public scrutiny, the pedo ring does not like it.

Who will protect your kids?

Quackster Eric Frazer is the alibi for Scott Powell’s pedophilia behavior.
Judge Tindill, nigger child trafficker, relies on lies of ‘expert’ Eric Frazer to bury Jane Powell for ratting out pedo Scott Powell
Rabbi Greer, protected by pedo ring until he lost a civil suit for raping boys, then the police finally arrested him. Pedo protection is large in New Haven.
John Williams, pedo protector of New Haven, claims it is all defamation because Eric Frazer said it was not true.
USMJ Robert Spector shreds the First Amendment on the pedo opinion of quackster and fellow pedo Eric Frazer. Smells jewish.
Bullets also cure pedophilia.
Scott Powell, court believed him, society did not, fired from his job around kids for abusing his own daughters.