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Billboard: Judge Jane Emons

Outdoor marketing reveals the pedo puppets.  Connecticut motorists are being warned of the jewdicial pedo element of society.  The monster in black, Judge Jane B. Emons is getting public exposure for the sick jewish bitch she really is.

Another jew alumnae of the elite state prosecutor’s club, having served in pedo protection on the state payroll, dutifully letting cases drop and prosecutions expire against friends of the ruling elite, she was appointed to the bench at age 60 by Gov. Jodi Rell in 2010.  Why she is even up for reappointment is questionable, she should be flushed down the jewdicial toilet and banished from the law forever.

A pathetic lawyer and a worthless judge, Jane Emons was relegated to the family bench where she could do no harm to the law, but would execute the orders of her pedo masters in tearing families apart, plundering college savings accounts and trafficking children into the dark world of Connecticut Pedo Utopia, where the elite pedo ring savours their sexual deviancy on innocent children, under the protection of the state police forces.  Jane Emons has a purpose to the pedos, her services are valuable and she is well paid for it….under the table.  Another mentally deranged person of jewish faith executing the agenda of Zionism on the free goyim of the land.

So why the billboard?  Perhaps ‘we the people’ with bare arms have had enough of child trafficking by Jane and her pals?  Perhaps the First Amendment allows for the people to call out the filth on the bench.  What better way to raise the annoyance of Judge Elliott N. Solomon, the head jew pedo of the state judiciary, Zionistic overlord.  He does not appreciate exposure to his child trafficking enterprise.  People might see the connection between his form of family law and the edicts of the Talmud on goyim in the rabbinical courts.

Will Chief Justice Chase Rogers deploy the jewdicial muscle of the Connecticut State Police to hunt down the free citizens who created the sign?  Will Colonel Alaric Fox and his thin blue pedo line be ordered to assassinate the source of free speech?  Simple headshot, staged car accident, forced opioid overdose.  Whatever the dispatch, the investigation will be perfectly scripted.  The long arm of Connecticut will destroy anyone who criticizes their jewish overlords.

Jew pedo puppets of the Judicial Committee, Rep. Willy Dilly Tong, Sen. Pedo Paul Doyle and Sen. Johnny Bag Kissel have been given their orders to put the pedo judge back on the bench.

Be sure to honk long and loud while driving past 20 Spoke Drive in Woodbridge to let Jane know that she is despised by the public and that she is a threat to society.  If you are flying over in your F35 jet, drop a few smart bombs to let her know you care to send the very best.  Another pedo bitch in a black robe is up for pedo renomination to the child trafficking capital of New England, the Jewdicial Cesspool of Connecticut.  One can always stop in at the Milford Courthouse to watch the bitch on the bench trash any semblance of rule of law.

If the pedo lawyer controlled judiciary committee of the legislature refuses to stop this monster, perhaps the Second billboard after the First will advertise Remington, Ruger, Colt, Smith&Wesson, fine products with historical ties to Connecticut in defense of the Constitution and for the protection of children.

Pedo judge exposed on billboard in Connecticut

A new day in Superior Court without Judge Emons!!! Children rejoice.