That’s A Fact!

Connecticut judges do not want to hear your family case, that is a fact! Pretend all you want that there is sincerity in the judicial branch, that judges are dedicated public servants acting on their oaths … nothing could be further from the truth. The judges of Connecticut do not want to hear your family case and a judge of the Superior Court stated such, under oath before the Judiciary Committee … and no one raised an eyebrow. Watch hearing here.

Judge Gerard Adelman stated: “Quite frankly, in our state, most judges do not want to hear family cases … that’s a fact. Judge Suarez does not want to hear family cases.”

There you have it, admission that family court judges don’t want to be bothered with families. The lack of professionalism is well known, but now the truth is on the record before the people’s representatives. To prove the unprofessional conduct, let’s take a look at the judicial standards of conduct used to fool the people into believing that family court is legit.

Canon 1 requires all judges to uphold the integrity of the judiciary. Crying about dislike of family cases is a violation of canon.

Canon 2 requires a judge to perform official duties diligently. Crying is not allowed, disdain for the duty is not permitted. Bias and prejudice against a type of suit is not allowed.

But this is Connecticut, nothing is what it seems, just a cesspool of tramps, thieves, and gypsies, all plundering the wallets of peasants, parading as a state officials, while not providing any competent public service. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, than what lives in Connecticut’s government. People must be cautious, stock up on ammo and keep powder dry.

What has the legislature done to deal with the revelation of family court judicial attitude? Nothing! What has Chief Justice Robinson done to address the public revelation that family court judges don’t even want to be in the court room, let alone rule in the best interests of the children? Nothing!! What has Chief Family Judge Michael Albis done to remedy the deceit? Place a warning sign above the bench? No! He did nothing, hoping no one would notice that he is chief of a cesspool, staffed with all the shit judges that no one wants.

The family court is the bottom of the barrel collection of the worst judges, the worst lawyers, the worst clerks. It is literally a dumping ground of human filth, feeding on state paychecks, while making a mockery of the rule of law, in arrogant disrespect of the people. Had enough?

Perhaps a .50 cal to Bozzuto’s head would focus the attention of the judiciary on executing its duties to the people’s standards without covering for the human filth in black robes passed off as judges to an unsuspecting populace. Put shit on the bench, lead shot will eliminate it.

Judge Gerard Adelman, undermining public confidence in the judiciary. Now suffering from ALS for which he deserves a slow agonizing death for his entire family to suffer through, for him being such a disgusting excuse of a human.
The ultimate child protection device.