Pedos, Niggers & Jews

Lions, tigers & bears, oh no!!! Pedos, niggers, and jews, oh it’s Connecticut again. Daddy pedo Scott Powell molests and rapes his daughters, but because of the proper mix of pedophile protecting cops, jew controlled child protective service, and a dumb nigger in a black robe, the screams of the girls have been silenced, mother maligned, and a federal jew has ruled it is all defamation to call a pedo a pedo. Just another day in the life of the pedo utopia of Corrupticut.

The story centers on a pedophile dad named Scott Powell and blog famous dumb nigger Judge Erika Tindill. Same old story that has been played out for years, local pedophile dad rapes and molests kids, ex-wife makes a complaint, the daughters make a complaint, the police take statements, child protective services feign concern, and everyone who thinks dad is molesting the kids is a shill, making up stories, poisoning the kids’ minds, yada, yada, yada, blog readers know the drill, mom loses the kids, dad rapes at will. Oi vey, how did the jews rig the state so that any allegation of child sexual abuse is beaten into the ground?

The now famous blog gives a shout out to Shabbatti Zevi, the great jewish heretic of mysticism, who believed that sin leads to redemption. Ever wonder why the jews are the human ground zero for all that is sexually deviant? Only a delusional jew, high on Kabbalah mysticism, can twist human nature to believe that raping one’s daughter is a path to enlightenment. Zevi loved bacon too! Not to blaspheme the jews who begged for the crucifixion of Jesus, but Zevi was a 17th century nut job of the Ottoman Empire, followed by a million Ashkenazi and Sephardi jews who created the present day jewish ideology bent on undermining all that is proper with a society. Jews are nuts and Zevi is their deviant prophet.

Wonder why the Biden Administration is main streaming pedophilia? Why the federal government promotes boys in the girls’ bathroom? Why there is a licensed medical procedure to cut off dicks and balls to install a gash? Why minors get hormone ‘therapy’? Why Garry and Harry are husband and husband? Why endless war? And just look at Connecticut, boys running on the girls track team because Zevi’s twisted beliefs in sin, still exists in synagogues in New Haven, the jew capital of New England. Zevi’s followers protect Scott Powell’s ability to rape his daughters thru the protection of the Family Court and the Federal Court. Just need a dumb nigger like Judge Erika Tindill to do what she is told by her Zevi masters, and a jew controlled child protective service. Toss in a deviant Zevi believer like Eric Frazer, PhD, jew boy out of Yale, the yeshiva of pedophilia, along with a pedo jew federal magistrate, Robert Spector in federal court and BOOM! The girls are lying, mom is lying, the therapists are lying, everything is a lie, there is no child rape, there is no molestation, dad always walks around the house with a hard on to show is children, perfectly normal, just ask Zevi’s followers. Federal jew judge Spector rules the goy are out of line!! Zevi will not be the target of sinister defamation by the goy!! The most hilarious part is that Scott Powell is a pedophile, he knows it, his kids know it, his employer knows it; it is plain as day. When the jews come to his defense calling all the goy liars, it is a telltale sign of pedo protection, Connecticut style.

Human decency, statutes, constitutional rights do not apply in Connecticut Family Court, the secret bench book is Zevi’s deviant doctrine on how to undermine the Christian elements of a well ordered society. The jews running the state are modern day followers of Shabbatti Zevi … sinning for a purpose.

First Amendment scholars may find interest in the appeal to F. Magistrate Spector’s curiously erroneous ruling of defamation for discussing the obvious. Zevi disciples are shredding the Constitution!

Editor’s Note: The issue in this case is the girls described some serious sexual abuse, including rape, but the jews don’t want the goy to discuss it. Commentary here and here.

Jew trans nut Richard Levine is a modern Zevi disciple, who finds Scott Powell’s deviant behavior quite acceptable. The Zevi version of Health!