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Connect The Dots

Ok sports fans, time for a little behind the scenes analysis on the federal lawsuit against K9 police officer Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield. How did this pooper scooper boy in blue end up in the spotlight before Judge Underhill in federal court for arranging the interstate arrest of a battered mom all on his own? Simple answer: He had help!

A lowly rookie cop whose partner is a retarded wolf has no training in matters of family law, visitation schedules, civil court proceedings, violence against women or the like. So how does puppy boy find probable cause to seek interstate arrest and extradition of a battered mother in New York by complaint of a dead beat dad in Georgia. The follow-on question is: Why?

The elements of the drama include blog famous Mathew Couloute, who is a lawyer and a former Connecticut prosecutor. The prosecutors and judges of Connecticut are a special elitist club and are bound in power of corruption. Membership in this club has privileges. So when Couloute took up residence in Cumming, Georgia abandoning his daughter Sophia and x wife with no support, grandpa came to the rescue and took the child and mom into his home in Buffalo. Connecticut is totally out of the picture, it is Georgia and New York. So how did Connecticut end up issuing a felony interstate arrest warrant for the mother?

Let’s connect the dots!

Matthew Couloute needs his daughter Sophia to entertain him and his friends. It is also a form of revenue generation for the unemployed Couloute. The kid was examined by Children’s Hospital and found to have been a victim of perverted behaviors by others, including Couloute’s pal Ryan McGuigan. Strange behavior for grown men to expose themselves to little kids calling the game Baby Dragon. Couloute and his Connecticut pals need to regain possession of their play toy, but mom is on to the Baby Dragon games and the nefarious uses of her daughter. Mom had been beaten and her bones broken by dad’s prior rages and found safe haven for her and her daughter in Buffalo, where the NY family court suspended Couloute’s custody and visitation rights to Sophia to protect the child. Big problem for Couloute, who reaches out to his corrupt ring of pedo lawyer friends. Couloute knows the now judge John A. Danaher, III, who is well versed in the corrupt practice of family law and the tricks to be played on mothers by the ruling pedo elite. Danaher outlines the plan and sends Couloute from Georgia to make a complaint to a sworn law enforcement officer in Bloomfield, K9 Officer Brendan Danaher, the son of the judge. In pedo circles, family ties are very special.

Son of the judge can’t spell ‘custodial interference’ has no training on the subject and cannot make any sense of family court documents specifying the terms of Couloute’s divorce. K9 cop is instructed to ignore the fact that Couloute lives in Georgia, having no standing to make a criminal complaint in Connecticut about a person living in New York over a child under the jurisdiction of NY courts which had suspended dad’s custodial rights. The Bloomfield Police chain of command ignores the matter completely, as if they were told to. After all, there can be no ‘custodial’ interference, if Couloute is not a custodian. Professional law enforcement is abandoned, as the direction has come from above and everyone in the station knows it, all the way up to Chief Paul Hammick. Couloute adds to the drama by lying to puppy cop that the Connecticut Family Court had found mom in contempt. But no such ruling existed, as no hearing was ever held. Couloute merely showed puppy cop a copy of a filing which had not been heard. Simple perjury. Lying comes so naturally to the deviant mindset and puppy cop had been instructed to accept Couloute’s lies as truth.

But wait, this scam won’t make it past Gail Hardy’s office, the black bitch prosecutor who covers Bloomfield, will it? Of course it will. Judge Danaher had already put out the word and Gail Hardy was bound to deliver. How else does black bitch survive in white boys’ world, but by turning tricks when directed. But wait, this scam won’t make it past a criminal court judge of the Superior Court. Of course it does. The false affidavit is signed by Hardy’s minion and placed on the bench before black boy and past prosecutor pal of Couloute, Judge Omar Williams. The black connection makes everything slide nicely. But wait, the governor’s office is not going to approve this scam for extradition from another state, the game is surely over….not a chance. The pedo network goes all the way up to the governor and beyond. Calls made, winks, nods given and boom…instant extraditable felony arrest warrant for an innocent mom served up by Corrupticut. Damn!

The scam hits a snag in western New York. The local law enforcement professionals are not into wagging male appendages at little girls. They smell the scam and refuse to execute the arrest warrant. Oh, bother, what to do now? Call for more help! If the local police are not pedos, surely there are some connected pedos in the Erie County Sheriff’s Department. Couloute goes to Buffalo, flashes his Connecticut State Prosecutor’s badge, favors are called in and boom, mom is in jail and extradited to Connecticut. But not Sophia, some smart folks in NY child protective services saw right through the scam and seized the child, placing her in foster care to keep her out of the grips of the Connecticut pedos. Baby Dragon games are just frowned upon in Buffalo.

By connecting the dots the story is told on how Officer Brendan Danaher is now in Judge Underhill’s spotlight for civil rights deprivation. Couloute is connected to the Nutmeg pedo ring, he and Ryan McGuigan, another former prosecutor play games with a little girl, who escapes the state, where Judge Danaher is contacted, who puts up his son, Officer Brendan Danaher to create a false arrest affidavit, that is run through Gail Hardy’s prosecutor office to former prosecutor and now Judge Omar Williams up to Governor Malloy’s office for extradition approval. Mom was dragged back to gulag Connecticut to face the fake charges of custodial interference on a child now in protective custody of the State of New York. Ooops! So after six court appearances in Connecticut on the criminal docket, the pedos dropped the charges as they could not retrieve the play toy.

Connect the dots and hand down the indictments!

Judge John A. Danaher, III
Puppy Pedo Police Brandon Danaher, takes complaints from Georgia at direction of daddy Judge.
Matthew Couloute mug shot, arrested for wife beating.
Prosecutor Gail Hardy, one of the dots.
Judge Omar Williams. Buddy and brother of Matthew Couloute.
Governor Malloy, top dot that authorizes extradition of battered mom.