Twenty years ago there was a cute cartoon movie called Monsters Inc. A twisted double script story about monsters who scare kids because they care, something goofy about terrorizing kids to get energy for the evil utility to sell and make money. Not that making money off of scaring kids is funny, but it does have a direct parallel to the jews of family court who will scare the shit out of everyone to make a sheckel. Connecticut family court famous Dr. Deborah Gruen has been called out as a Monster Among Us for her abusive treatment of the Ambrose kids under barbaric orders of jew Judge Grossman and odorous jew GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz.

Jill Soderman has blogged Dr. Deborah Gruen right between the eyes, labeling her a psycho monster who preys on children to please the jew judges of family court and to drain a family savings account. Call a spade a shovel! The shoe fits, wear it. A child molester like Gruen is a criminal! Oi vey, will the pedophiles of Connecticut go nuts on this. Read Soderman’s blog post here.

The blog post is rich in what Attorney John Williams of New Haven calls ‘defamation’, but what the Constitution and non-pedos call freedom of expression. When a quackster like Gruen relies on a fake degree of science created by jews from the Frankfurt School, there is nothing but ridicule for her self-described ‘professional’ work. Just another jew trained in the Yeshiva to fuck over the goy. Like what is professional in family court? Seriously, a jew scam on the goy to fuck over kids and loot the bank. Oi vey, like we all don’t know the scam. Gruen is called out as a monster, who sells fabricated opinions as ‘evaluations’, provides recommendations to traffic kids to pedophiles, concludes kids are lying about abuse, acting out imaginative scenarios, ignores daddy’s kiddie porn collection, claims mother has the power to control the minds of the children, making them lie to CPS agents, ignores the massive weight gain of a stressed child, ignores suicidal ideations by the kids, just another whacked out child, nothing to see here, has nothing to do with daddy abuse, slashing one’s own body is just part of growing up, child isolation is therapy, the scam of Gruen is grotesque, but hey, this is Connecticut, children are trafficked by the jews, folks like Gruen are just part of the process. Need some child ass? Chris Ambrose of Madison has three in prison at his house at 381 Horse Pond Road. Local cops protect him, school principal protects him, even the school nurse is not going to pick up the phone to make the mandatory abuse notification, lest Gruen diagnose the entire town of Madison as having un-medicated personality disorders.

Attorney John Williams is surely ready to sue Soderman again for her ‘defamation’, as he did for pedo dad Scott Powell in a similar family court drama. But wait, Williams is representing the mother who Gruen says is bad. So what will it be this time? Williams sues Gruen for defamation of his client in the Ambrose case? Malpractice? Or Williams dumps mom and sues Soderman again at the direction of the pedo ring, on behalf of Gruen? Who is losing control of the trafficking game?

Soderman states the obvious need to target the monsters and root them out of society to save the children. The now famous blog contains descriptions of many Connecticut monsters in need of uprooting, or blog preference of a .50 cal to the head. Doubtful these monsters have roots.

The true monsters are not so cute.
Monsters Among Us
Will Attorney John Williams sue Soderman for defamation again, or will he sue jew Deborah Gruen for malpractice against his client? Let the conflicts rage!!!
Dr. Gruen, defamation or malpractice?