Milking Overtime

What could be better than having a job where all the best doughnut shops are visited daily, where glazed and powdered sugar brighten the morning and the evening. Oh, the joys of being a cop in Connecticut! Smother the jelly donuts with overtime and enjoy the ride. Law enforcement milks a simple murder for an extra million dollars worth of doughnuts, while feigning a murder investigation, overtime is such a racket that only police can get away with it.

Jen Dulos was mutilated in her garage in New Cannan back in May 2019. Pretty simple case to solve. Mopped up blood stains in garage defined the murder scene, amount of blood confirmed a murder, DNA confirmed it was Jen, likely perp is estranged, adulterous husband whose DNA also found at scene; source of conflict, divorce court. Case closed. Arrest Fotis Dulos, hold him in the slammer, on suicide watch, then go after his co-conspirators, while pretending to offer a deal.

Cops are so retarded, as to not immediately recognize that Fotis was the only person in the world to benefit from her disappearance. Too much powdered sugar, jelly, and glaze soaking the brain of the New Canaan Police watch commander negatively impacted his ability to recognize the obvious. A competent cop would have taken Fotis into custody that evening for his own safety, as his family was being targeted. Clueless cops.

CBS 48 Hours does a puff piece of incompetent cops who claim they are committed to finding Jen’s dismembered and now dissolved corpse. In reality, the donut mongers are going to drag out the investigation to fatten their pensions with overtime in the fruitless search for human ooze already washed out of Long Island Sound. The overtime gravy train rolls on, while the donuts disappear, cops just get fatter. CBS knows how to ride a tragic catharthis to sell advertising to make a buck. Look for another piece of pathetic investigative journalism coming in May of this year, the two year anniversary of Jen’s demise. If you missed it, NBC did a piece in July and September of last year, nothing has changed. But the pathetic producers will not dare touch the question as to the protracted, expensive, litigation played on the couple by jew judges and lawyers for a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce which should have been granted in the early fall of 2017.

Meet State Police overtime hound Sergeant Kenneth Ventresca, having no brains, atop old football player brauns, he became a state trooper, but with little intellect, no forensic training, having only badge, gun, and attitude, he pretends there is something left to find in the Dulos case … in between donuts and overtime pay. He had the killer, but instead of keeping Fotis in custody, the criminal justice system let him out on bail, taking the details of Jen’s demise to the grave. But hey, it drags out the investigation and runs up the overtime bill. Milking a murder for extra cop pay is more important than doing competent police work. The scam is exposed in the cop claim that closure rests on finding Jen’s dissolved body, in other words, overtime forever!!

If there is really so much known, why has Connecticut not tried suspects Traconis and Mawhinney to a jury? Not enough donuts?

Sergeant Ken Ventresca lead overtime donut hound producing nothing on the Dulos case
Fat man, donut whore, Chief of Major Crimes John Kimball can’t find Jen, but bags overtime for incompetence of trying.
Enough said.
New Canaan Officer Tom Patten, clueless, no answers, just donuts.
Connecticut prosecutorial incompetence personified, Colangelo the misfit.