GAL Immunity Gone!

Remember the high ranking jew Judge Joette Katz? Famous in Corrupticut for the opinion in Carrubba v Moskowitz where a jew GAL of family court got sued by goy Dad who had been fucked over by the jew GAL Emily Moskowitz? Justice Katz made sure that the jews of the Family Bar would be protected from attack of the goy for trafficking kids and plundering family savings. The opinion pronounced to all goy that their lawsuits would not be entertained by the rabbinical court, as the public policy goals of immune GALs would be undermined.

In simple terms, the jews of the high bench conferred ‘absolute immunity’ upon the evil family court guardian ad litem, to protect the jewish racket of plundering christian family savings, destroying their kids, and protecting jew lawyers. GALs are slugs from bottom tier law schools, who were never considered for partner at any real law firm, employed by evil judges to reap the rewards of fueling conflict in family court. The cadre of jewish bottom feeders is protected by the jew judges to unleash inhumane conduct in family court. Jews like Steve Dembo, Rhonda Morra, Margaret Bozek, Ceil Gersten, Mary Brigham, Michael Meehan, Geraldine Ficcara, Sue Cousineau, Sharon Dornfeld, John Mager, Stacy Nobles, Justine Rakich-Kelly, Rosa Rebimbas, Veronica Reich, and the like were protected racketeers … until now! SCOTUS recently handed down a decision that puts Moskowitz and her pals out of business. In a unanimous decision, Justice Thomas wrote that it is not the court’s business to do policy, that simply working for the government does not make people impervious to damage suits. The case is Tanzin v Tanvir, where the FBI agents lost their policy claim to immunity for fucking over some muslims. Thomas states that the court’s business is the LAW, the legislature must deal with policy.

Immunity is to be conferred by law, meaning an act of Congress or State legislature. In Connecticut, there is no act of the legislature that confers immunity on sleeze bag GALs appointed by jewish judges in the jew family court for the sole purpose of plundering family savings and providing kickbacks to the appointing judge. These lawyers are not state employees nor do they hold any state recognized expertise in matters of children. Just court appointed parasites. The construction of immunity for these kikes is by the jew judges of the court itself. A twisted argument starting with immunity for prosecutors, applied to family court, extending judicial immunity, as policy, to uphold ‘public trust’ in GALs, to preserve independent judgment of two bit attorneys about other people’s kids. Did you follow the circle there? The ‘policy’ is a jewdicial scam devoid of constitutional foundation. The logic applied is to confuse the goy, while elected representatives suck jew dick. A totally incompetent GAL is shielded from suit by the ‘policy’ of judges who run the GAL scam … a jewish end run around due process.

Justice Thomas points out that ‘policy’ is not made by courts. Immunity cannot be applied by policy. Immunity is created by law, which is made by the legislature, not driven by the needs of the Family Bar Association in protecting its incompetent members. Thomas has decreed that court constructed ‘policy’, which applies immunity, lacks constitutional foundation, meaning Carruba v Moskowitz is toast. GALs in Connecticut hold no constitutional grounds to claim immunity in defense of suit for raping families in a rabbinical court.

In very simple terms, hunting season is now open on Connecticut GALs, no license, no tags, no limits. Every idiot on the GAL List is now fair game for litigation, along with a 50 cal to the head or a long range .308 shot thru two panes of glass. Now all nutmeg GALs can defend their ‘recommendations’ made in family court to a jury. Good luck with that! The hunting starts now!!!

For the more technically inclined, Judge Hennessy dissented from the jewdicial application of immunity back in 2004, stating that immunity for GALs should be addressed to the legislature. (81 ConnApp 382, 408) Needless to say he was not jewish. Now let’s see if the Judiciary Committee of the sovereign people will have the stomach to stand up to the judges?

GALs should be very, very, very scared!!! There is no shield and no place to hide!!!

Hunting season now open on GALs, immunity does not apply!!!
Nigger Boy Robinson needs to learn how to run a court system without handing out immunity to protect the jewish GAL racket. Jews not going to let the nigger take away their ‘policy’ of immunity!!!
Matt Ritter, House Speaker, will have to call out CJ Robinson to check the jewdiciary from handing out immunity by policy, a duty reserved for lawmakers. SCOTUS going to apply in Hartford? Stay tuned!
Justice Clarence Thomas states that courts do not deal with policy, that is a legislative function, applying immunity by a bunch of jews in Connecticut lacks constitutional foundation. Open season on GALs!