Federal Smackdown!

Federal judge smacks Bloomfield Police Officer for false arrest of mom.

Judge Underhill, U.S. District Judge of Connecticut has allowed a civil rights suit to proceed against Bloomfield Police Officer Brendan Danaher, the puppy cop who did a favor for Matthew Couloute of Georgia in arresting his ex-wife on trumped up felony charges. Blog aficionados remember this case in previous posts: K9 Officer, Claim 25330, Publicity, Prosecutorial Fuckery, Address, Nolle and Fuckery Dismissed. All about Matthew Couloute’s manipulation of the state’s criminal justice system to abuse his x.

Short recap of the drama is that deadbeat dad abandons his battered ex and daughter by moving to Georgia. Mom and child take refuge with her grandparents in New York, a safe haven place. Couloute goes bonkers and gets his pal Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Police to fabricate a felony arrest warrant, got it signed by fellow nigger Judge Omar Williams and Governor Malloy approved it for extradition. The police in New York weren’t buying the scam and refused to execute the warrant. Couloute goes to Buffalo, flashes his Connecticut prosecutor badge and the drama escalates. Eventually the big bad State of Connecticut and their ball-less prosecutors dropped the matter, only after arrest, jailing, bonding, extradition and multiple court appearances by mom before lame judicial authority Judge Matthew Budzik.

But what goes around, comes around. Now the good citizens of Bloomfield have a mess on their hands. The federal court has a bullseye on Officer Danaher for his dirty deed done at the request of Matthew Couloute. Bloomfield’s lawyer, Kristan Maccini of Howd&Ludorf looked like a deer in the headlights last Thursday, when Judge Underhill scolded her for her client’s conduct and the damage it did to the battered mom. The case will go forward and Officer Danaher is shitting bricks.

The drama intensifies as little puppy cop was just following orders from above. Why else would he take a complaint in Bloomfield for Couloute who presented an outdated CT driver’s license showing his address in Fairfield, but was actually living in Cumming, Georgia? Danaher had no criminal cause to arrest a battered mother in safe haven on complaint of her abuser from another state. Charge of custodial interference? Really? Nigger sister Gail Hardy was in on it; target was recovery of Couloute‚Äôs playtoy for he and his pedo pals. The chatter in Bloomfield raises the questions about the involvement of Chief of Police Paul Hammick, not to mention the perjury by Danaher, the prosecutor’s office and of course Couloute’s nigger pal and former prosecutor club buddy Judge Omar Williams. Oh boy, is the shit hitting the fan or what?

The option for Bloomfield is simple, pay out handsomely on the federal suit against Danaher or face discovery of all the bad actors that arranged for battered mom’s arrest, face federal charges for interstate fraud, corruption by police, prosector and judiciary of Connecticut. Some explaining to do by town manager Robert Smith and the town council on how their beloved boys in blue hunted a battered mother across state lines as a ‘favor’ to Matthew Couloute in Georgia. The villagers of Bloomfield might start asking questions as well. Why was their police department involved in such illegal activity, executed against a victim of domestic violence with tax dollars? The women of Bloomfield gonna let these swingin’ dicks get away with this?

This is going to be good. Bloomfield will be forced to pay up to protect all the other bad actors who had a hand in this. Danaher can’t defend himself without ratting out the heavy hitters who told him to do the dirty deed. Get the popcorn! This is gonna be really good!

Editor’s Note: Mayor of Bloomfield, Suzette DeBeatham-Brown, a mother of three, a wife, an ordained minister of the Church of God and Chaplain to the Bloomfield Police declined to comment on this matter on advice of counsel.

Puppy Pedo Police Brandon Danaher, takes complaints from Georgia.
The Amazing Matthew Couloute
Attorney Kristan Maccini, puppy officer counsel.
Bloomfield Town Manager Richard Smith has some explaining to do!
Bloomfield Town Council has some explaining to do.