Jewish LAW!

The law in family court is simply the whim of the judge; discretion. Nothing more, nothing less, but that is the game. So what could be more laughable than a jew lawyer claiming that the family court must uphold JEWISH LAW! Seriously, the blog cannot make this shit up.

Again the unreal occurs in the wasteland of Connecticut. This time in the jewish capital of New Haven, in the cesspool of family court. The case is Tilsen v Benson, where hubby Jon-Jay Tilsen has had enough of his thirty year marriage and wants to dump beloved wife Miriam. There is money, so hubby gets Hasset&George out of Simsbury and wifey gets Broder&Orland out of Westport, another specialty firm dedicated exclusively to divorce scamming. It is off to the races! The lawyers start raking in the cash, file all sorts of silly papers and after 14 months of bleeding the family, several trips to the courthouse, seventy docket entries, ten court orders by three different judges; the trial has been finally set for 19 December. Yes folks, they are still married as of today. Classic bleed game of jew lawyers, playing a jewish family for something that takes all of 90 minutes to settle…a simple ‘no fault’ divorce. But this case took an interesting twist, even for Connecticut. Hubby Jon-Jay is the spiritual leader of Beth El-Kesser Israel synagogue on Harrison Street in New Haven. He is Rabbi Tilsen to the community members whom he spiritually leads. So why can’t a rabbi work out a divorce with the mother of his four kids? Surely his spiritual gobbly-gook can affect an amicable parting? But no, it is a jew’s game and mom might want money, which is gonna be a show stopper. Jon Jay Boy invokes JEWISH LAW to put a stop to the alimony associated with a divorce issued from the non-kosher court.

Yep, blog can’t write this shit. A rabbi and his lawyer go to the gentile court to invoke jewish law….oi vey! Two jews and their jew lawyers go to State court to have the law of the goyim dissolve their jewish marriage and they even get a jewish judge! Meet Judge Daniel J. Klau, jew boy with a law degree who did a favor for Danny Boy Malloy and got a black robe out of it. The stage is set, New Haven Courthouse, jew hubby and wife, two jew lawyers, a jew judge and the issue presented by Attorney Felicia C. Hunt is that the Connecticut State Court must uphold and enforce JEWISH LAW and forbid mom from getting any alimony.

A concise explanation of the twisted argument has been written by UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh here. A more twisted article by Emory law professor Michael Broyde here. Reality of Judge Klau’s bullshit opinion is that jews who seek to dissolve their pathetic marriages in the eyes of the State of Connecticut are subject to the same putrid discretion of the judicial authority as the rest of the the goyim. Jews ain’t special nor chosen in the eyes of the Connecticut Family Court. Alimony, which is controlled under CGS 46b-82, cannot be decided upon conditions that existed thirty years and four children ago. Just not the way it works. If the state judge decides Jon Jay is going to pay alimony to Miriam, that is what little rabbi is going to do and he will pay as much as the judge decides and for as long as the judge decides. No jewish belief system can undermine the fuckery that is handed down in Corrupticut. Only thing missing from this case is a GAL to represent the best interests of the children…more billable hours!

Pretty funny shit that a bunch of jews are making such a fuss in State Court over the Torah, Ketubah, Beit Din. Reality is that the state court will apply ‘best interests of the child’, ‘fair and equitable’ standards and unbridled judicial discretion to shred whatever bullshit is presented in court. Even King Jew Elliot Solomon cannot help Jon Jay in his desire to fuck Miriam out of alimony. Fun to sit back and watch the jews make fools of themselves in a court system designed by the jews to fuck over the goyim. After all, ‘no fault’ divorce is a jewish invention to undermine the goy. Newsflash to the jew husband, alimony is the modern equivalent of the ketubah penalty clause.

Of curious note is the nuttiness of the rabbi’s lawyer, Attorney Felicia C. Hunt of Glastonbury, who claims to be of great authority on family law. She has five kids with hubby Steve, but whips out her claws and fangs in a frivolous attempt to fuck Miriam out of alimony. Surely she honed her lecherous legal skills with the dirty family court players at Budlong & Barrett and then with the dykes at Freed Marcroft now at Hassett&George. Funny that she claims to have skills in collaborative divorce process, but goes for blood in court. Just goes to show that Connecticut family court lawyers are nothing but parasites, bleeding families for no purpose in law.

What else to expect from folks who suck little bleeding penises and call it ‘religious’.

Editor’s Note: Both Volokh and Broyde are jews. Broyde is a rabbi as well. They both attempt to justify supremacy of jewish law over the Constitution and deny women equal rights in a divorce matter, a typical game of the chosen.

Rabbi Jon Jay Tilsen, a spiritual leader.
Judge and Jew Daniel J. Klau, nut job of Family Court
Attorney Felicia C. Hunt, frivolous pleader of jewish law in the gentile’s court.