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Connecticut Prosecutorial Fuckery

The Nutmeg child traffickers continue their illegal prosecution of a battered mother.  The fourth appearance before a pedo judge with a pedo prosecutor on a false felony charge against a mother on behalf of a resident of Georgia, who is protected by Bloomfield Police Chief Paul Hammick at the expense of town residents.

Today the pedo prosecutor Carl Ajello pursued criminal trial on charges which his office falsely brought against a mother.  The matter is referred to Judge Omar Williams, pedo pal and former prosecutor colleague of the ‘victim’, drama queen Mr. Couloute…..Mr. Matthew Conel Couloute, Jr. Esq.  Puppet boy Mark J. Brodsky withheld evidence from the court that Connecticut is prosecuting a criminal complaint for a resident of Georgia.

Of course it takes a rookie judge to trample the rights of citizens.  Instead of calling the pedo scam a spade, newbie idiot pedo play along Judge Matthew J. Budzik wiped his ass with the Constitution and subjected a mother to more torment by the state pedo ring.  His lawyer wife and lawyer mother must be proud of his inability to protect the rights of citizens or children before the bench.  Mother Fucking Tyrants wear black robes. 

Assistant State’s Pedo Attorney Mark Brodsky lacked the balls to tell Judge Budzik that the scam arrest was arranged on the direction of Judge Danaher through his K9 cop son in Bloomfield Police under the paid service of Chief Paul Hammick.  But Budzik is probably in on the child rape scene or he would not have been assigned the case today.  Budzik is ensuring it goes to Pedo Pal Judge Omar Williams, nigger pal of Couloute and member of the the prosecutor fraternity.

The exculpatory evidence being withheld from the clueless Judge Budzik, is at the time of the criminal complaint, Matthew Couloute, the self proclaimed victim was a resident of Georgia.  The custodial jurisdiction over the child rested with the NY Family Court.  Connecticut and their lying, cheating cops and prosecutors had nothing at all to do with Couloute’s complaint…..capeesh?  Can you spell obstruction of justice Mr. Kane?  Will the Honorable ‘spic Jose Suarez admit that he has nothing to do with this case?

The pretense is now a standoff where the prosecuting pedos won’t drop the false charges until New York returns the child play toy they seized from abusive dad.  See how the game is played?  Dueling states.  New York put the kid in foster care for protection from dad.  Dad got pissed, went to his pedo prosecutor friends, got mom arrested on false felony charges.  Connecticut holds the felony sword against mom to threaten New York judge to return the play toy to Pedoville.  Two states fighting over a child, one to protect it the other to use it.  Call this one LoVallo v Williams or Nutmeg v Empire.  Next event is 14 July in Buffalo.  Empire Strikes Back?

Trafficking children takes an entire criminal justice system.  Next event in Corrupitcut Criminal Court is 27 July.

Judge Budzik victimizes women for nigger girl Gail Hardy.