Nolle prosequi

Ever hear the term ‘nolle’?  Nolle prosequi is a Latin phrase meaning “will no longer prosecute”.  It amounts to a dismissal of charges by the prosecution. Some states don’t use the phrase, they simply use the term dismissal.  But in Corrupticut the pedo prosecutors use the slippery term to avoid the embarrassment of dismissing charges brought with state funds and illegal police activity.

Time to catch up on court comedian Attorney Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr., alumnus of the elite and quite crooked state prosecutor club.  After all the money and manhours expended to falsify a criminal complaint, get a judge to issue a felony arrest warrant for a battered mother in safe haven across state lines, Carl Ajello is going to ‘nolle’ the charges.

To recap, Couloute leaves Connecticut in October ’16, in violation of the court parenting plan and without court authorization as required by statute. The abandoned mother and child seek safe haven over the hills and through the woods, across state lines at grandmother’s house.  Couloute lies to Bloomfield Police, whose sleuth puppy master K9 cop is paid to break the law and file false arrest applications.  Chief of Police Paul Hammich approves the payoffs and the illegal arrest action.  Fellow minority prosecutor Gail Hardy of GA14, runs to fellow minority judge and prosecutor alum Judge Omar Williams who uses the full police power of the state to hunt a mother across state lines without criminal cause.   So illegal, so un-American, ISIS would be proud.  Three black persons having no cause in law, arrange for illegal arrest and extradition of a citizen in another state with Governor Malloy’s blessing.  Blatant criminal conduct.

Now after six times on the docket, appearing before four white judges it comes up to the dark lord Judge Omar Williams, the criminal clown who signed the warrant application presented by white girl Danielle O’Connell.  Judge Williams is now faced with the complaint from Bloomfield PD about a citizen whose driver’s license says he lives in Fairfield, but who police know is really a resident of Georgia.  Nutmeg taxpayers are being charged to provide illegal arrest services for a liar who lives in Georgia.  Think the state has enough budget problems.

Obviously Gail Hardy is running for cover.  Doing illegal favors for fellow black people in the white man’s world catches too much attention.  No one wants to dismiss the charges as the court must be informed of the reason why…..criminal activity of police, prosecutors and judges.  It is easier to nolly the folly.  However, Ajello is stuck as the nolle will be followed up with a motion to dismiss by the accused, which will require disclosure of the criminal conduct.

Next drama before crooked Judge Omar Williams is on 17 August at 10am, Harford GA14, bring popcorn!!!!


Nigger buddy of Matthew Couloute.