Bozzuto at it again!

Just when you thought Elizabeth Bozzuto could do no more harm to Connecticut families, she shows up today in her role as chief family corrupter by hosting an AFCC mafia conference on destroying children. The bitch is back, more accurately she never left the game of family corruption, even though she was booted from the bench and relegated to administrative duties. Why is the Deputy Court Administrator involved in family court matters? Surely she has more to do in fixing contracts, taking kickbacks and otherwise undermining the integrity of the court system, but for some sinister reason she is hosting an AFCC conference of racketeering for vultures of the Bar who profit from selling ‘no fault’ divorce.

Today in the bowels of the lowly ranked law school of Quinnipiac University, a clubhouse of bottom feeders of Connecticut law, the mafioso of the Family Court insiders are holding a symposium advertised as a gathering of ‘professionals’ from all relevant disciplines, both novice and experienced, to come together to take a hard look at the profiteering and racketeering of the divorce business – to celebrate their profits and to identify why they are not making even more money and to plan for making more. The public notes that these players of the family pillage & plunder business undermine the integrity of the court and work to shred constitutional principles of American society….a jew’s delight.

The players are a who’s who of corruption. Elizabeth is accompanied by the evil dark lord himself, Judge Gerald Adelman, the manifestation of all that is wrong with family law. The heretic puppet Judge Michael Albis, chief pillager of family division and his goy sidekick Joseph DiTunno, master of plundering support services. Court vultures Frances Calafiore, Brendan Holt, Deborah Noonan and the notorious Justine Rakich-Kelly of the nefarious child trafficking Children’s Law Center, all represent the Bar’s financial interest. Court clingons of pyschobabble Jennifer Champagne, Wendy Habelow, Beth Karassik and Lisa Gresham represent the interest of court vendors; lower tier parasites. Even the AFCC mafia master Peter Salem is present to preach the national brand of family destruction by order of his jewish overlords.

To add feigned credibility to the gathering of Satan’s foot soldiers, Dr. Robert E. Emery, Ph.D. and self- appointed expert in family destructive matters has come all the way from Charlottesville with the blessing of the University of Virginia to pontificate the advancement of the zionist’s agenda on a Christian society. Smith College of Massachusetts is also in on the act by sending the devious Dr. Marsha Kline Pruett, Associate Dean of the Social Work School and self-proclaimed know it all on ‘family policy’.

What a cast of characters!

The symposium is a cover for the zionists to extend their control over the simple state function of granting ‘no fault’ divorces to the gentile, while extracting the maximum from family savings accounts. Titled: ‘Reimagining Dispute Resolution of Family Matters in Connecticut’, the real issue is the shrinking financial pie for the blood suckers who make their living selling ‘no fault’ divorce. The explosion of self-represented parties has caused economic stress on the Bar. Lack of legal fees is the primary concern to Bozzuto and her mafia. By holding a symposium, all court players can be educated on the new AFCC tricks to extract maximum revenue from unsuspecting citizens by selling ‘alternative’ services in obtaining a state issued ‘no fault’ divorce. The game never changes, it is all about money for the players.

Remember, the game is simple, if you have no money, the kid gets splashed in the Connecticut River, like Baby Aaden. If you have lots of money, then your prolonged litigation results in death, like Jennifer Dulos. The in-between folks will be fleeced to the maximum limits of their bank accounts. Attend the symposium to learn how it is done!!

Read the propaganda flyer here.

Dyke on the byke Elizabeth Bozzuto, child trafficker.
Dr. Robert E. Emery of University of Virginia knows custody evaluations junk science.
Evil Jew Dark Lord of Family Court Judge Adelman
Heretic Puppet Judge Michael Albis, Child Trafficker
Dr. Marsha Kline Pruett, Smith College psychobabblist and child trafficker.
Justine Rakich-Kelly, pedo child trafficker and head of Children Law Center.